CREATIVE RE-FOCUS  – the way through and out of challenging times!

Clarity to replace overwhelm, stress, anxiety and uncertainty. ACHIEVE MORE of your DREAMS! ◄ 

* Walk the path of your Wishes * Do the things of your Dreams *
– it's Time to grab your Wings and Fly –

Have you been quietly watching others live out their dream life and thinking ‘I wish I could do that too' ?

I help Creative women RISE UP!

Calling out to all Renaissance souls, Multi passionate, Divergent thinkers

Curious creators, Multi layered intuitives and Determined change-makers

Shine your Creative Light without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed

Learn to Focus, stay on course to reach your goal
and Finally use your super powers for your metamorphosis

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Joyce van der Lely -beach-sandcastle

There ARE creative ways to plan for strategies that YOU need,

YOU CAN shine your light and accomplish your goals.

Flip your Mindset so that you WILL reach that finish line !

and MAKE  your WiLDEST DREAMS come TRUE.

I'll be your cheerleader and give you the [tough] love you need.

You choose to go from wishful thinking to accomplishing your dreams

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– Be who you are and say what you feel

because those who matter don't mind

and those who mind don't matter

– Dr. Seuss (T.S. Geisel)


5 Confident and Curious ways to succeed without feeling overwhelmed