Joyce-Trust the process- The Fierce Female Force
The Fierce Female Force -Flawsome image

Isn’t it about time You show up, rise up, break through your ‘comfort zone' and get some Big Results?

Are you going to stay in that place of wishing, dreaming and hoping that one day…..

Thinking of an idea, planning, comparing and eventually shelving it again, because you think you are not good enough?

Don't you realize that what you have is SPECIAL, one in a million Unique and FABULOUS ?

Joyce van der Lely | Mindset Coach

As a creative mindset coach/artist and business strategist. I intuitively weave my art and creative processes into my work with clients.

Basically I play, have fun and do serious work on the way

When you decide to work with me

  • You get access to my personal strategies, the ones I used myself. The projects and exercises I developed and created to break down blocks; flip mindsets; find your special forces; combine these all together to incubate ideas, plan and strategize for your successful business launch.
  • As we work together I encourage you to be open for new ideas. Forget about what has been holding you back all this time, build trust in yourself, look forward and focus on the goal you have set.
  • After working with me you will be totally clear on what makes you unique and worthy. You will be confident in your business idea, understand the different parts that make-up a business and you will be excited each and every day to confidently look towards your newly created future (where you are no longer stuck)