Paint your wings and learn to fly – lessons learned from looking at flying friends

Let me tell you a personal story:

Ever since I was a child I have loved nature. I always loved to study closely how seeds sprout and grow (amazing wasn’t it ? remember watching that bean crack open while you nurtured it in a chunk of wet cotton wool ? ) and how animals move in their environments (such ease and belonging) I am especially fascinated by creatures with fins and wings. The distances they can get to and the views they must enjoy from their vantage point in the sky or in the water. I enjoy the freedom of swimming, diving and snorkling, it always makes me feel like flying over the reefs. I also enjoy flying, but apart from flapping my wings in my dreams of course in real life flying for humans is mostly of mechanical nature.

Birds, butterflies (Angels and unicorns) have wings they can propel through the air and that give them the force needed to lift themselves up, higher and higher and which eventually brings them to a layer in the sky where they can fly and soar. This must feel magical and I like to imagine this for myself. And even though I have not found a way to literally grow a pair of wings, I have managed to Find a Force deep within that can help me rise up and move to that level necessary where I can observe my steps, re-evaluate, adjust course and Focus on Freedom. Basically I learned how to paint my wings and fly.

One of the flaws in my quest for freedom has always been that I wanted to fly solo ! I was never a flocking bird, I preferred to be solitary over asking for help, I was always the stubborn little chick wanting to manage on her own. And “..had I not managed so well to flap my little wings to exhaustion each and every time I had fallen out of the nest or crashed into a tree ?”

And, fast forward some more crashes, physical earthquakes and falls, one day I found myself with a family and kids relying on me and no security for retirement or even the more immediate future realizing the directions my tired wings would be able to take me were rapidly decreasing and I had basically build myself a cage. Yes, I felt safe in my cage. I told myself I love my cage, it actually was a lovely cage and a safe cage and nobody could hurt me while I was in this cage. Nevertheless a cage is what I built for me and eventually my deep rooted longing for freedom forced me to find a way out again. I needed to train to flap my wings again, I needed to rise up and fly once more and this time I decided I wanted to soar on the thermals I saw the other birds glide on.

So, I swallowed my pride and I finally reached out and asked to be shown how to soar. I was so done with that cage ! I needed to find out how to point my compass and what had been blocking me from using it.

Because it was not just me I had locked up in that cage I created, I had made it big enough for my family and this was now no longer just about me.

Once I started looking at what had brought me to create the cage and what had been keeping me locked up I realized it would take mindset, teamwork and shedding old feathers and I started step by step to replace the dull old feathers with shining new ones.

I exchanged the solo(preneur) cloak for being with a flock of fabulous fierce females that see my wings and help me stay the course.

I also found out that there are so many in cages of their own making and I want to share with you the most important mindset flipping lessons I learned.


  1. FOCUS !

Focus on the small steps of your journey that together will make you go a long way. There is nobody that can do it all and be it all without a little help from a friend. And you know that when you let the other help you? You both grow and together you can reach farther. So by asking help you also offer help to the other. We are meant to be uniquely ourselves with our unique strengths. Asking others to pitch in grows the unique strengths collectively and makes the outcome so much more powerful.

Have you ever asked expert help before for anything? (think plumber, electrician, accountant)   and how did you experience this ? Would you have done the task as well, better or faster? What resistance comes up when asking help with your personal development / business path?


“Fierce” does not have to be operating in your masculine energy. Fierce can be very Feminine too. Females / women all have a very fierce force flowing through their veins. This is the force that rises strong when a mother is called upon to protect her family or for safekeeping the planet, the species. It is an undercurrent, invisible but fierce-fully present. In society at the moment I believe the balance is off. Both males and females in the workforce would greatly benefit form a better balance between the masculine and the Fierce Feminine energies.

How do you operate in your workplace; in the world and ask yourself why? Is there a deeper reason? How could you introduce more of your feminine energy into the day to day?

  1. FEAR

Considering I never thought of myself as being weak or afraid, I was surprised to find that I actually had hidden Fears. Once identified and worked on a lot (deep mindset flipping work here) the fear becomes a choice and once “flipped” the choice to suffer is no longer there. Reaching out to a helping hand is also a choice and much more beneficial. Choose help over fear!

Do you know where you are choosing fear and would you like help flipping your mindset?


Create your personal and financial freedom! And this can mean different things for different people. For some this will mean hiring others to do boring chores, for others this would mean making time for health and fitness; connections with friends and loved ones. Financially this can mean a certain amount of regular income or a specific security or both. Basically it comes down to self-care and owning your self-worth!

How could you make time available for the things in your life that bring you light? And are there timewasters you could let go of and do you value yourself enough?


So when I decided to reach out and surround myself with Fantastic Females I actually started to Feel Fabulous ! That was a huge surprise for this lone wolf / solopreneur. It taught me that together women can actually move mountains and that it did not make me feel any weaker in the process. It actually made me feel less alone. The Female Force seemed to be a strong and positive one. An ancient one and once embraced you can Feel her !

Do you have idols? Who’s Fan are you? and again Why? Who could you help in return? Share the force and feel it grow!


If this story has sparked some questions in you, I’d love to hear from you

  • Would you like some help in your life and/or business?
  • What fears or blocks came up for you in your own version of the story?
  • Where could you start on your journey and where do you want to go?
  • Any way I could be of help to you? Just reply to this email if there are areas where you could really use some support. No need to be shy, I know the first step takes a lot of courage.

I feel you and I am here for you.

Let me help you paint some wings so you too can fly!

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Much Love,



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