When things collapse – How do you pick yourself up ?

this week I had to deal with something that made me wonder:

When you feel that things around you start to collapse, how do you pick yourself up ?

Do you sometimes feel like things around you fall apart or start to collapse ?

Do you feel everything starts crumbling down and there is nothing to hold on to anymore ?

It’s almost like one thing sets off the other and everything feels shaky and unsafe ?

Let me tell you that I know exactly how you feel, I have felt this myself and more than once.

I also know how to find that little something inside of yourself that you can hold onto !

That unique Force that runs through your veins, I can show you how to find it so you can use it !

I have experienced emotional and physical collapses in both my life and my business. Things that happened because of myself; other individuals and even

by the forces of nature. This week something happened that was beyond my control, completely hit me by surprise, but it made me feel desperate once again, so…. I grabbed my “toolbox” and managed to deal with it quickly.

You see, I created a set of tricks over the years (since my early teen-years actually) and I have used these over and over again when things start crumbling down. Every time I need to use them, it makes getting through the struggles faster and easier.

I believe that others can benefit from this process as well. I have now adapted this toolbox, so that you can use this too !

Would you be interested in learning more about this ?

  • Do you feel your life is out of your control ?
  • Do you feel less than safe about your future  ?
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