There is More !

Do you FEEL this ? now … or have you ever ?
this feeling that there is MORE
to YOU – to your LIFE – to the Universe ?
This feeling of ENERGY around you, through you, inside of you ?

For years and possibly ever since I was little, I have had this feeling.
So here’s an uncensored little excerpt of a trip down memory lane I like to share with you today:
* When I was younger, I did a lot of what for most would have looked like “daydreaming ” For me it felt more like a “connecting” with my other layer of energy, but of course this sounded crazy and also this daydreaming was not a good thing to be doing in school, so I had to stop doing it to please the teachers and concentrate on the lessons in class. Daydreaming fitted my creative side and so I ended up in society’s little “box for daydreaming creatives” (Society seems to like boxes; brands and stamps)

* Inside my box I could daydream fine, outside the box I never felt seen as a serious contributor to “traditional” society. Was this true or was it just my too sensitive, girly belief ? But then … I didn’t really want traditional society anyway, right ? I believed and felt inside of me that there was an alternative ….somewhere….somehow….sometime….
so I would just go back in my box, hide and feel safe at least from that outside world.

* Throughout my life I have had these kind of adventures.
I’d come out of my relatively safe box and try to bravely venture out by myself.
Sometimes I would assume a traditionally accepted role and for a little while it would work. Sometimes I’d try to go out to find these other layers of energy, get a little further ahead but not fast enough and I wouldn’t manage to stay out long enough. Almost like holding breath to stay under the water long enough to reach the treasure chest.
So often I’d get hurt, knocked back or I couldn’t find the right way or I’d simple run out of energy while on the right track >>>> and I would again crawl back into my safe, yet uncomfortably small, box. Feeling much like a bird in a cage, way too small to spread its wings.
* Until one day I just had enough ! and decided

So I embarked on a quest and this time I asked for help and I changed my mindset and I changed how I look at the outside world and this time I did “FiND my FORCE” !  I am no longer in my box and I am on my bright path and I see now that my journey was to prepare me to help as many of you as possible to also find this inside of you !
FEEL IT ? It is your time now !! > EMBRACE IT !

* If any of this story resonates with you on some level, feel FREE to book a clarity call with me so we can find your unique force too

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