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Many of you might already know that Pippi Longstocking has been my heroine and alter ego since I was a little girl.  And lately I have seen Fearless Girl in the news a bit as well. I have yet to visit NYC and this Fearless Girl, but look at these two together !!! Don’t they look like a pair of winners to you ?
Now…..why don’t you get YOUR fearless on and join me in my FREE offering starting this week :
It’s Fantastic, Free, Fabulous > let’s be more Pippi, let’s be more Fearless !
I am offering “FIND ur FORCE FRIDAYS
Q&A TeleJams for the next 3 weeks
* They are completely FREE to join (share with whoever you think would benefit too, everybody can join)
* They are LIVE Q&A sessions where we get together and where you can ask me anything about where you Feel stuck, Finding your unique Force and creating a safe and secure future in your life and biz.
* The first call is this week !
Technical details:
“Find ur Force Fridays”- Q&A with Joyce – Free and Live-
Choose to join by Telephone, Web (or Skype)
> Attend by Phone > Phone Number:
(206) 402-0100 – Code: 810341#
Secondary Number: (415) 633-4267
for a full list of local dial-in numbers, click :
Attend online at the Event Page:
International callers can also join by Skype > see how easy here:
so mark your calendar !
* There is no registration or sign-up required, just enter the call details above into your calendar, set a notification to alert you, have your questions ready to ask and join promptly, Feel free to invite your friends too.
Looking forward to seeing you Friday !
Friday, April 21st at 2 pm US Pacific
Friday, April 21st at 4 pm US Central
Friday, April 21st at 5 pm US Eastern
Friday, April 21st at 10 pm UK
Friday, April 21st at 11 pm Central Europe
Saturday, April 22nd 7 am Sydney
Saturday, April 22nd 9 am New Zealand
“Look to the future and not the past”
I know right, it’s one of those things we actually all know, but is sometimes so very hard to do.
Like, giving yourself permission to grow, to follow your dreams.
It’s as if there is always a reason why it is not the right time (yet)
I hear these kind of things pop up so often when I speak with my clients. Collectively, we seem to be so trained to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations, that we don’t often see it happening ourselves.
We FEEL it though ! And it is this feeling that throws us off balance.
Links to the next two events:
April 28 – Event Page:
May 5 – Event Page:
(call in details and access code stay the same for all Q&A’s)

Much Love,

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