The Super Hero Questions- Join this Friday !

Are you Feeling Fed Up with the Super Woman / Super Hero image ?
I get you !
*  We just had the school holidays here in New Zealand
And one of the traditions we keep in our house is taking the kids to the movies
We went to see the Guardians of the Galaxy 2
* A very cool movie, we all liked it, it was super creative and fun and good music too !  (I can recommend it !)
*  Some of the trailers before the main movie were for SuperWoman and King Arthur, both beautifully filmed and great special effects, like really, WOW, Amazing !
……….one of the things I suddenly noticed though is that so many movies are all about superheroes, superpowers and bionic upgrades. Is there still room to be just human you wonder?
Just to be a “Fine Female” with Flaws and Fears and also Fantastic possibilities for the Future ? (yes, I do like to play with F-words)
*  Don’t get me wrong here, as many of you know me well, I am all for “painting my own wings to be able to fly” and believing in the true fierce force inside all of us, these can be seen as super powers, sure. They are still things inside our very human forms though.
*  And as a creative myself and with both kids also very creative, we are all interested in inspired characters and we embrace and applaud all the wonderful stuff the movie makers come up with, so we really love watching movies like this a lot and appreciate all aspects of the making as well as the entertainment.
*  It was just while talking about it with some friends that this suddenly came up ….. how do we all experience this ?
*  Do you feel a little enhancement here and there would be necessary or a little super power ?  ….. or …..
without denying the movies are well made and are Super Enjoyable (pardon the pun) are you fed up with this and want to feel 100% true to YOU !? All of your Fabulous and Flawesome you ?
*  Then join me this Friday for the last of the “FIND ur FORCE FRIDAYS”
Q&A TeleJams
(I don’t know when I will be doing any of these in the future, so don’t miss this one !)
* it’s completely FREE to join (and do share with whoever you think would benefit too, everybody can join)
* It’s another LIVE Q&A session where we get together and where you can ask me anything about where you Feel stuck, Finding your unique Force and creating a safe and secure future in your life and biz.
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>>>   Looking forward to seeing you Friday !   <<<

Friday, May 5th at 2 pm US Pacific
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Friday, May 5th at 5 pm US Eastern

Friday, May 5th at 10 pm UK
Friday, May 5th at 11 pm Central Europe

Saturday, May 6th 7 am Sydney
Saturday, May 6th 9 am New Zealand

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