Last time I wrote about Sisterhood and today I thought I talk a bit about Motherhood.
I have two kids myself and as they grow up, so does my life change with them.
Mothers among you will be able to relate, others might encounter very similar feelings when looking after parents, pets or even in workplace situations.
As women we can experience these feelings at different stages in our lives and that is why I always emphasize on the connection with our unique feminine force that resides within each of us.
So on Motherhood:
Often described and experienced as a marathon, it’s so easy to lose yourself, lose your identity. So easy to forget what it felt like to be inspired and ignited by passion.
Do you at times wonder “Is this all that life is supposed to be about ?”
And …do I give the best example to my children?
Society wants you to be this, others want you to be that.
You get tagged “so-and-so’s Mom” and “so-and-so’s wife”
and where did YOU go ?
You tell yourself to be better and more and on top of it all have the best connection with the kids
Now I recently had the pleasure of talking about this with my colleague Tanya Lochner from South Africa. It was for her upcoming virtual event, because she has been thinking about these same issues too. She wanted to create this event to empower moms with insights and strategies that they can use to reconnect with what I call your Unique Feminine Force, that core place that will lead you back to feeling in charge of your life and of your being.
Go on, check out the panel of women that are all sharing their experience and wisdom on how they’ve created their exceptional lives ! You will not just be getting full access to these strategies and the wonderful advice, you’ll also be showered with FREE GIFTS especially offered for this event.
So…to FIND your true self again, to live FREE and FULL OUT, beyond all your roles as mother, partner or even business woman, join this incredible online event starting Monday – June 5
You can
There is a wealth of SUPPORT, WISDOM and COMMUNITY at the
As always with much love and light

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