What is your Fierce Feminine Freedom Feeling ?

It is Sunday today, I actually have done some work this morning and Skyped with my overseas family.

My Sunday “itches” start……this brings me to :

my Fierce Feminine Freedom Feeling
(well one of them) =
Beach-combing for driftwood, smelling the ocean air, tasting the salt in the air and on your lips after dipping into the waves.

Being in the presence of what Mother Earth has to offer us, if only we allow ourselves time to absorb.

I am about to hop off here and out to go and enjoy my freedom !

For most your Sunday starts a little later (being in New Zealand always has us start the future a little earlier hehe)

I encourage you to take some time out in nature on your Sunday, nourish yourself, drink from the juice of life.

as always,

Much love and Light !

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