What the world needs now is LOVE sweet love

Perhaps you know by now that I often get inspired by song lyrics?

It is almost as if the messages are sent to me by songs. Mostly when I hop in the car and turn on the ignition, or I will walk into a store and the background music will be just THAT song with THAT lyric that fits what is happening around me, inside of me or in the world. It is weird like that, but I have accepted this way the universe sometimes chooses to talk to me.

So this past week has been one of those dark weeks, much stuff in the news I’d rather close my eyes against. And then even in my newsfeeds on-line, what?…Rants against/within the coaching industry, the very one that is all about personal and spiritual growth, encouragement and support? Really? Yes, I also have an opinion and yes, I also do disagree with certain things, but please let’s choose to spread Love over anything else. Who benefits from these rants? …. So you get it: of course my radio shouted “What the world needs now, is Love, sweet love…..” Thank you Universe, Yes, I will spread love!

So it has brought me to this place where I feel the need to meditate more and practice forgiveness and focus on self love and I encourage you to do the same. Please in times like this, remember to look after yourself!

I taught myself to flip negatives to positives, so when I feel triggered by negativity I react by being more positive and spreading love and forgiveness. I do this to keep myself safe. And I know that with me there are many others that feel similarly when so much dark feelings are spread into the world. (Yes, I got your messages and yes, keep reaching out, I am here for you!)

I also pulled a card that fitted this very well (of course)

“I am a Vibrational Being in a Vibrational Environment”

Much Love and Light – as always – xx

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