Feel the Fear and do it anyway!

As you perhaps already know from my “Live” earlier this week in the Facebook group: I started a Public Speaking quest/workshop/course.

This is something that is very much out of my comfort zone. Where I really need to push my limits.

We ALL have these limits we need to push from time to time, these hurdles we need to overcome, the challenges in life and in business.

Have YOU ever felt in a situation where you had to take that leap of faith, even though you felt afraid or uncertain? Where you needed to flip the situation and trust yourself it would be all okay in the end?

Well…..public speaking has always been like that to me and now I am doing it! and I even PAID somebody to teach me!¬† ….. Because you show up BEST when you have some “skin in the game

So here I am ….. learning to be a better public speaker and even scheduled visits to a few Toastmaster groups in my area, because I might as well go ALL IN now that I have decided to improve this particular skill for my business.

So…. I will be jumping into the group more and more as I practice and improve my speaking.

Do join the Private Sanctuary for our tribe HERE and follow me on my journey ūüôā

As always,

much Love and Light



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