Do you feel the need for a safe space too?

With everything that is going around in this world if ours at the moment AND with everything that I have personally encountered in my life up until now, I cannot help but count my blessings that I live in a safe place, that my children are safe and that I have managed to create a safe life for myself and my family.

We sure live in hectic times at the moment.  As if the extremes in the weather are not enough for us all to overcome and rebuild from, there are the extremes in our politic environments and in religions. Have we not learned from History? If we all be more tolerant and join our forces together, we could build stronger communities and we could all feel safer, wouldn’t you agree?

I’ll be blunt here and ask: Do YOU feel safe where you are, with what you have and are you in control of your future? Do you have dreams, wishes or plans for something better for yourself (and your loved ones)? Something that would give you control of WHERE you live, WHEN you work, WHAT you do and that you will be able to earn what you need?

I was talking to one of my clients this week and we discussed this. The fact that there is no magic wand and that we always have to show up and do the work, but that it is a lot more enjoyable to do this in a place where you feel safe and when you can do this on your terms.

A place where you can feel safe, is a place

  • where there is no judgement,
  • where there are no repercussions
  • and where there is unconditional love

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You deserve it and this is the best time to take some inspired action!

as always,

Much Love and Light