be the experimental creator in your life

Do you like to read motivational and inspirational books?

Personally I like to read novels mostly. Stories that I can lose myself in, escape into a different world and go on adventures . Regularly I do mix this up with motivational, inspirational and informational books though. And this book I have at the moment is a real gem! Highly recommend this if you ever felt like stopping on your journey of discovery and growth.

“Litte Bets” is a little book, by Peter Sims.

It is a book about innovative companies, experimental versus conceptual innovators. How entrepreneurs do not try to avoid errors, but try to learn from them.

It tells us that if creators or inventors (or anybody really) would stop when something doesn’t go as planned or expected, we would now not enjoy things like light bulbs, air travel, internet communication, animated movies and many, many more things most of us are very accustomed to. That innovation comes from experimenting and making many little bets. That the bravery in setting yourself up for failure is a thing all creators and entrepreneurs face every single time they start to play with an idea. Call them “little bets” that one time the idea will succeed, that it will work….and then YES then it does!

So I wonder, do you take many little bets?

Do you keep trying when you experience a set-back?

Do you focus on your goal and keep working  on it?

Do you trust yourself to keep going?

Do you need a little help in staying the course?

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Go on, take a little bet!

Tell yourself that Staying Stuck is  no longer part of you in 2018!

2018 is your year to be inspired, to trust yourself, to ignite your ideas, to rise up into possibilities and light and soar into independence and freedom!

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