Feeling Fabulous, Fierce and Free!

You know by now that my Focus is to help women to:

Feel Free and independent

Feel Fabulous, Fierce and Fearless

Find your Force and able to spread your wings and Fly


So…..I also take any opportunity to spread my wings and Fly!

Here is me working on a sunny Sunday afternoon (yes it is summer here in the Southern Hemisphere)

It was a full day of hunting, gathering, squeezing in a little photo-shoot and yes also a dip in the Pacific of course with the family and a fresh blueberry ice-cream at the local berry growers

A few years ago I lost everything in the earthquakes down south.

Had to start allover again in almost all aspects of my life.

Now I run a creative business that sustains my family and makes me feel like I am always playing.

I help multi passionate women from around the world flip their mindset, clear their blocks, focus on their goals, start believing in themselves and launch their own dream businesses.

It is amazing! it is exciting, it is so much like the butterfly’s story:

the caterpillar nourishes and feeds (inspire)

then puts her trust in the chrysalis stage,

when the butterfly inside the cocoon is ready, she ignites the escape

folds out her wings , rises up

to fly and soar!


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