The Starving Artist Myth

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You have most likely heard this yourself, grown up with similar comments around you and perhaps even believed that story as well?

I am talking about the story of the Starving (or struggling) Artist

The dictionary tells us that: A starving artist is an artist who sacrifices material well-being in order to focus on their artwork. They typically live on minimum expenses, either for a lack of business or because all their disposable income goes toward art projects.

This is the oh, so common one I was told myself and I know so many of my colleagues , friends and clients experienced as well.

As creative beings you know what is “expected” of us.

Be eccentric and often broke (and why is this important actually?)

Still ….. there ARE artists that make millions …..

So how do some artists manage to run thriving businesses, when others struggle so?

Is it perhaps the words that we hear from well-meaning friends and family around us and from our subconscious “ghost” voices, saying:

  • You cannot make money in arts
  • Art is hard
  • You better have a back-up plan if you want to choose art as your career
  • Why don’t you just go for a stable job and do your “creative stuff” in your free time

It is time to change this Myth and adopt the mindset and create the outcome where the artist always thrives!

In ALL the colors of the rainbow!

My belief is that all creatives (visual artists, musicians, writers etc. etc.) start to realize that their special something is SOOOO needed in this world!

And that the feelings and experiences their work brings does SOOOO much good to so many people!

And yes! it is do-able to make it your source of income. To support your life and that of your family with your creative work. You just need to BELIEVE you can!

My own story proves that it is possible and I help other women with their dreams and making a thriving creative business reality for them as well.

It all starts with MINDSET my friend, MINDSET is the key, the beginning and the basis of it all.

Here is where I talk about it in my new Vlog.

Yes I did it, it is finally up for you! check it out, it’s HERE!

Tell me what you think and if you have anything specific you like me to touch on, just let me know.

Leave a comment or send me a message, I love to discuss the things that are important to you!

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One thought on “The Starving Artist Myth

  1. Yes! thank you for posting, I heard this all my life. It is hard to believe the opposite, but I know it must be possible. You have given me hope for my next steps, thank you. So glad I came across this post, will follow you now and signed up for your goals journal too.

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