Being Brave

Being Brave

Do you ever ask yourself:

What does it take to be BRAVE?

Who are the brave ones? How can you become braver?

I hear this again and again around me, and I also experience it myself of course!

Being brave is soooooo hard!

It comes back over and over again.

As an artist and a dreamer, perhaps I have a little advantage, because to make art or create anything, you have to overcome things ( like: fear of the blank space, fear of visibility and fear of judgement from others)

  I just put up the next episode of my > VLOG < HERE

Where I talk a bit about this. (I like to keep the vlogs short, because I know many lives are¬† busier than ever!) Since you are here and reading, I like you to think back to when you have ever created something (and you have! just think of a meal for a dinner party for instance, anything that involves making something yourself!) and when the intention and the desire to show it to the outer world is strong enough, it is easy to learn to move past fears, it becomes easier to be “brave”

Or in other words, to no longer worry about what others will say or what they see. To be comfortable with your dream, idea and goal and your Unique Fabulous Fearless self ūüôā

MINDSET – yes I know, I say it again and again

MINDSET is KEY! – it all starts there

and you can learn it, train it, make it your best buddy

Because Mindset is working with YOUR MIND it is a personal thing and the way to train this is a little different for everybody. The basis is the same, the details can be customized.

I weave creative practices and personalized tasks into my work. To keep it adventurous and exciting and also to pull the bravery and fearlessness out of the places it often likes to hide.

You can check out my latest > VLOG < HERE

Are you a thinker, a dreamer, determined, in need of practicing being BRAVE ?

I can tick all the above myself.

That is why I started making the vlogs

That is why I decided to become more visible

to experience and feel the difference Mindset-work can bring myself.

That is also why it touches me so to see other women still stuck

That is why I made it my mission to help women (multi passionate women mostly) to get their Mindset on board, in check and ready to create their independent and free lives.

I really hope my steps towards more bravery are helping you.

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