Challenges and why April is a special month for me


Challenges in April? Do you have them?

April is a special month for me, because of a few things and yes it also comes with challenges.

  1. it is my soulmate’s birthday – yay! party and yummy cake and stuff like that – special
  2. also the start of a new year (well okay: new tax year) here in New Zealand, so it feels a little like a clean slate again, taxes and bookkeeping are a bit of a challenge for me, because they are not among the favorite things I like to do.
  3. Q2 starting too – the second quarter of the year, so I get to revisit my longer term goals and tweak what worked and what needs adjusting
  4. and just before the next big on-line Find Your Force show will air. You can register for FREE HERE

Find Your Force Show

This year April started at Easter, something that is kind of special too. Easter, rising up, new beginnings, eggs, chicks (I am getting sidetracked already…)

I also started a new challenge (I love to set myself challenges) This latest one is inspired by a dear friend’s quote:

For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction” – C.Occelli

#100daysofseeds is part of the #100dayproject movement. You can follow my progress (and play along if you like of course) on my Instagram account HERE


I am actually talking about challenges in my latest VLOG

To help you with your challenges this start of the second quarter (when you need a bit of help setting your goals, getting your mindset on track or your business strategies sorted out)

I have a Special Offer for you!¬† I have cleared my schedule for a limited amount of POWER HOUR Sessions Grab them while they are hot, once gone they’re gone (obviously)

Look forward to getting to work with you! Or come watch the new show and/or play along with my personal journal challenge ūüôā

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