Focus on Focus

This month my Focus is on Focus!

Focusing on my on-line event means I need to be okay with spending less time on “other stuff”

Longer term Focus on business plans means I need to allow my dreams and thoughts to grow

My Focus on my bigger vision means also: I need to be careful and still treasure the here and the now

I need to be aware when I loose grip!

Focus is a tricky thing

Focus and Mindset are connected

and are the tricky part of business, women in business, multi passionate women to be precise.

We easily get distracted and sidetracked.

Overwhelmed by choices and shiny objects.

We need to learn to Focus and have a Mind in control and a Mindset to support our goals

it is a Mindset thing

And this is exactly what I am talking on with my fellow women entrepreneurs in the current on-line talk show

Also the subject of the Vlogs I have started recording

Features as the backbone of my programs with my clients

The structure in my business


A tricky thing, but I know some tricks on how to control it ūüôā

You can still sign up for the Find your Force event HERE

(little pre-spoiler alert: …even though we are in the final days of the show broadcast …. if you register now……there will be an Encore this upcoming weekend,where you will have access throughout the weekend 24/7 and can Binge-Watch the whole series, how, where, when you want!

Make sure you get your Mindset on track with your ideas and business plans.

And if this is difficult by yourself then let’s do it together!

Take advantage of where I struggled and where I found and created a whole bunch of tricks and ways to deal with overwhelm, shiny objects and procrastination.

Let me help you get to the next stage! Believe in yourself ! I believe you can do it ūüôā


you can schedule your breakthrough call here

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