a Work in progress forever and ever

The Fierce Female Force


You are a work in progress, just like I am.

Yes, embrace this!

And let’s hope we will be for a long time to come too.

Multi passionate and Creative women feel okay with this! it is completely normal.

Being a work-in-progress means evolving, growing, changing and that is ALL GOOD!

Today I hosted a Masterclass and you know what?

Even though I have done many meetings and classes before,

and am very familiar with the platform I used AND had a checklist prepared…..

I got excited and STILL FORGOT to hit the record button!!

That’s right, yep, I am far from being Superwoman,

….. still I show up!

and I answer to the urge to help other women

help them with all things mindset: overcoming blocks, visibility fears etc.

So what did I do?

I recorded the second half and still sent those that could not make it that part of the class.

Half is 50% of 100% and giving access to 50% of information is still 50% more than nothing, right?

Next time I will not forget to do this anymore, I learned and I can improve.

And so can you!

Learn and improve, step by step, slowly moving forward is always better than standing still.

The 6 week Flying Start program is open for enrollment now

for a ridiculously low investment. Check it out now!

Grab your chance and start moving forward !

This is YOUR time, you FEEL it? You know it!

Stop procrastinating, love yourself enough to allow yourself this!

Look forward to seeing you there





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