Flawsome! Yes I know I used this word before, and I love it!

Flawsome is a creative word and means: Awesome while embracing your Flaws!

That means being authentic, honest, true to YOU!

Being okay with who you are, loving yourself for who you are

Showing yourself just the way you are, so that like-minded people know to connect with you

No masks, no show, just the real you Flaws and all

(and actually I believe that flaws make things a LOT more interesting!)


So yes, Flawsome!

Flip your fears and embrace the fun!

go from stuck to fearless and brave

Go for your triple F-Factor! –> Find your Fire, your Force and your Flow!!!


I did another video vlog about this and some little thoughts that had kept my mind occupied.

You can find it on the channel here

I like to think positive and work on positive, improvement and personal growth.

In my book there is no fail, there is only failing forward and learning from experiences.

Join the conversation. Let me know how you experience this, do leave a comment below and subscribe to the Youtube channel.



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