a Fresh New Year

Have you felt this too? 2018 has flown by again!

Flown by like rivers smoothly flow almost unnoticeably.

Flown by with the ease of birds gliding through the sky soaring with their wings stretched out wide.

Flying, flowing, flipping into the new year of 2019  

I love reflecting on a block of time, an experience, something that has feeling of closure and then focusing on the fresh new beginning.

I always journal even more in December to find a container to keep the year and what happened safe. My thoughts, my feelings etc.

With the “#bestnine2018” on Instagram (I am sure you’ve seen them)      I thought it would be handy to do something like that (but then different of course) for the memories of last year.

So, I have made an easy worksheet to jot down:

  • Your Best 9 of 2018

and I have also added space for

  • Your 9 Plans for 2019

This is space for plans, intentions, dreams and goals.                          

Because multi-passionate creatives need that extra little reminder or “gentle push” to plan and stay focused on what the intentions and goals were at the start (yes, I know you relate!)

So ….. I am using this trick myself, this tool. And it keeps me on track more easily with more “Flow”

So that I can also flow easily through the year ahead (with a clearer direction of where I will end up)

just like the rivers do.

Gliding softly, just like the birds do.

I thought to share it, so that you can flow easily too, Happy New Year!

  • you can get this for Free here : ↓↓