Inspiration and Determination

Halfway down this Love-Month of February, right on Valentine’s Day…..

….. is my Birthday.

Growing up in Holland it was never much of anything. Valentine’s was not yet celebrated there then.

It was “just” my Birthday and the calendars mentioned something called Valentine’s. I only started to understand what it meant to so many when I was well in my teenage years.

Now the whole world knows and celebrates Valentine’s Day.

This year I am super lucky to have my folks visiting from Holland again and my father baking my Birthday cake.

Something I treasure highly, because it is pretty special to have had my parents present on my Birthday for all but 2 or 3 years of all my life! I did go to my studio to do some “work” on my birthday though. I teach, so my group of students was expecting me and I love what I do, so I didn’t mind that at all on my special day.

As I was preparing before the arrival of these students, a lady entered my studio space and we got to talk.

Turned out she was on a bit of a world tour on her bicycle! Started in September 2018 from Switzerland and planning to go to Australia next in March, then in November to Patagonia and making her way up to Vancouver with the goal to arrive there in September 2021.

All this on her own on her bike and on top of this all…….she is 75!

The day she walked into my studio was my Birthday and it turned out to be hers as well. So we are Birthday “sisters” which made our encounter even more special of course.

I am a firm believer that we meet people for a reason and this meeting must have been in the stars for both of us. Perhaps at this moment in time we have yet to understand why, but we inspired each other deeply and we had a very special time together on our special days.

Surprising to feel how similar we both are in many ways even though we never met, we came from different places and we destined to meet all the way on the other side of the globe.

Universe, you are so very special!