Focus on Mind, Heart and All

What’s this urge to connect Mind and Heart and Soul and All of me,

Why does this  happen?

Lately I have been focused on understanding this better.

I like to reflect and take time to ask myself things.

To find answers, connections, fitting the puzzle of “self” together.

I have developed some personal ways to do this and it is a process that really nourishes, re-energizes.

You could say it “grounds” me, I feel roots connecting with Mother Earth.

It balances the energies within, mends little cracks and chips here and there

AND it heals on deeper levels as well.

This practice always brings growth and expansion from within. It builds strong foundations that can stand the storms.

I just need to allow myself to really take the time and commit to the process.


Why I am sharing this today?

Because on the flip-side I have received a lot of messages from clients, as well as other women I spoke with, that show the opposite. This seems to be the current “flavor of the month” if you will:

Making that commitment is so hard!” they say.

Or: “Keeping to a commitment made to yourself is too difficult“.

I realize that being multi-passionate has a lot of great advantages.

The creative, curious, interested in almost everything-side is super exciting.

Then there is the other side: The never-finishing the project and starting a new one just to make you feel excited again-side.

It’s complex, multi-layered. It can be so overwhelming and therefor stopping you in your tracks.


So after I had a few great talks this week and mulled over this juxtapose in our complex inner minds,

I decided to offer another round of masterclasses, free trainings to create some clarity for you and help those who feel ready to, move forward.

THIS FREE TRAINING is all about how to maintain all the positives of the qualities you have

AND learning to bring things to a successful end-goal.

It is about going from feeling Frazzled to Finding your Flow.

Flow is the ease with which your life can move too.

This training will show possibilities on how you can create flow for a smooth life/work balance.

I’d love you to join. And you can bring your questions !

Make a note in your calendar for this FREE Training !


Sunday 17 March and Monday 18 March: 

1 pm Pacific – 3 pm Central – 4 pm Eastern for US/Canada

Sunday 17 March and Monday 18 March: 

evening 8 pm UK and 9 pm CET Europe

= Monday 18 March and Tuesday 19 March: 

9 am New Zealand time  and 7 am Sydney-Australia



(you can also check your Timezone here    


SHOW UP for YOURSELF ! Take inspired Action!    


* Oh, and for those of you that are FEARLESS ACTION TAKERS !

I REALLY, REALLY want you to get off the ground with your fabulous ideas and plans, so ……..

Here’s a very special offer for you……. I have openend a couple of spots in March for some

Private Power Hour – Pick my Brain  sessions !

You will have ALL of me ALL to yourself and we can make great progress for a real entry level investment on your part. Take advantage of these limited spots as I don’t always offer them.

Lets’ Do This ! You are Worth it!      


wishing you Love, inspiration and Light, 

Joyce xx

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