April Wisdom

At the start of this new month, this new quarter, I am reflecting a bit.

I hope you find yourself enjoying the change of seasons, regardless which side of the equator you call home.

Spring as well as Autumn (or Fall) reveal interesting changes and opportunities for growth as well as the cleansing feeling of letting go of the unnecessary.

In contrast to the April Fools with silly jokes and fluff,

(which yes, is fun, agreed, but also…oh, so fleeting)

I choose to focus on the Wise and explore Wisdom.

Wisdom for self, where you are at, where you want to go and how.

The world as a whole is craving Wisdom, Love, Peace and Tolerance.

There is a resonance, an energy that is being felt by many, especially the healers and lightworkers among us. The empaths and highly sensitive souls.

I read an article that explains more about this Schumann Resonance, I shared it on my business page, find the link here

While discussing these feelings with others and how this can effect progress, one thing became very clear. Struggling through these times on your own makes the road that much harder to travel. We should never feel shame in asking for support, guidance or very simply: a good hug and a shoulder to lean on.

There is a silent need for slowing down, to spend more quality time with our self and our thoughts.

To get re-acquainted with our core beings, to simply Trust.

Wisdom to share with others: There is a feeling of urgency everywhere you turn. The endless stream of pushy marketing that seems to enter our lives nowadays makes it feel even more like a pressure cooker. (i.e. the Buy NOW! Now, Now, Now!) At times it makes me want to simply turn and walk away.

But then…. I drop into my core, the spot where my Fire burns, my Force resides and my Flow begins and I see the faces of the women I helped then show in my mind’s eye and I know that I can help so many more. THAT keeps me motivated and energized to keep reaching out when I see that there is a need for more clarity, safety within, freedom and independence for women just like me.

You know, I found myself exactly in such a place before and I was so lucky to have someone reach out her hand to me, because she could no longer watch me struggle. If it had not been for her, I would not be here sharing this with you.  

You see now too that it is an infinite circle, a loop of energy that connects us and that feeds you and me and everybody? If only we allow the hand that is there to lift you up, so that you can start walking your path?  Yes, you need to do the work, you need to walk on your own feet, but together this can be so much easier and more fun too.   My personal Focus for this year is: Ease and really Feeling the Flow. Embracing all of me and Floating Freely.

This can only happen if I trust and follow my core, when I truly listen to my inner voice and open myself up to my intuition.   What is your Focus ?

  • Do you know? or do you find it hard to find?
  • Do you have a dream, but don’t know where to start?
  • Did you start, but got stuck on the way?

Stop hiding, procrastinating, ignoring your little voice.

Feel free to reach out for the lending hand, the offer.

Find your way out of the Maze, how will you manage your Mindset Monsters.

How can you rise above it, so that you can see the way clearly.  

It’s all a Mindset thing!

what can I say, I share this all the time, it simply is that though, trust me!

and I am so happy I found that out when I did.

It made my life easier, living more in the flow of things and able to enjoy it.

I have felt fears too, I felt unworthy and I still feel these things from time to time.

We are forever a work in progress and we are the artists of our lives. Keep exploring, keep feeling, keep growing!

Find your Force, and find the ease of flow in your life!

Look forward to connecting with you sister! – just click HERE  

as always,   wishing you LOVE, inspiration and Light,   Joyce

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