travels and journeys

I have been traveling. We made a journey to the other side (of the world that is)

Back to Europe for my son’s World Championship competition TaekwonDo. And we also added a bit of sight seeing, because: why travel for more than 20 hours just to be in a sports arena right?

The World Championships were an experience I will never forget. Over 60 nations, more than 2000 athletes, coaches and their entourage not even taken into consideration. It was fabulous. The atmosphere was truly inspiring! I wish you could have been there to taste it! Terrence got to the quarter finals and ended up in 5th place and the New Zealand team overall made it to 3rd in the world. A wonderful result.

The sight-seeing road trip afterwards was partly a trip down memory lane for me and partly new things discovered and experienced.

I remember visiting some of the places with my end of college school-trip (way back then …;) Pretty surprising how well our memories work, I could even dig back my German vocabulary and had no trouble communicating.

For the kids this was a first, they had never been to South Germany and Austria before. We experienced extreme gentle, sunny and warm weather when we first arrived and we had 17 cm of fresh snow as well! We saw cities, rural areas and villages. We ate simple local fare and had delicious cakes. We saw historical buildings and ruines and also modern things. It was a wonderful trip!

Yes, I had planned to write more during my trip away …..

To be totally open and honest, you were on my mind and with me spiritually, so through the energetic vibes, if you tuned in, I am sure you could have felt that. It is like long lost friends when they meet again: the in between phase just dissolves and connections go on as if there never had been a break. This is the way I carry my loved ones and my deep connections with me always.

Let me share some of the things that have been moving within me, you may be able to relate and it can help you too.

As I took the time to be there with my family intensively and on a deeper level, I took the time to re-connect with my soul and my own energies too. I opened up to the universe and received reconfirmations I quietly had been asking for. Sometimes it is the quiet that will help with the inner reflection. Sometimes it is Mother Nature or dreams that will send you the messages and answers you are looking for.

Without the distractions of home and work (well yes, hello! multi passionate and all your shining objects), I strengthened some core filaments in my anchor-rope (you know the one that keeps you on your path, as I have explained in my masterclasses often)

My focus for this year has been ease and easily flowing from the start of January. And this keeps being my focus! Intentionally looking for the ease and the flow also brings a peace of mind.

Instead of pushing and shoving, the focus is on gliding and floating. As if on the wings of an Albatross. The Albatross has shown itself many times over now to be one of my spirit animals and I have gladly accepted the wisdom this beautiful bird brings.

So instead I will share with you, my experiences, my journey. Because as you know, I am also still walking toward my goals. I have my guide and I in turn am the guide to others. This is how it always was in forgotten times. This is in my mind how we will survive as a species too. Helping each other, guiding each other, sharing and caring for each other.

This break has underlined my preferences and the things I like to avoid. The hard core pushy sales make me feel uncomfortable. The marketing nowadays is so loud and in your face that it make me want to cover my ears.

This is what happens to most creatives, highly sensitives, lightworkers, empaths and intuitives. We catch these energetic vibes in higher frequencies and need time to restore afterwards.

I am so grateful for having had this trip away. I realize that I manifested this and that I am responsible for creating the opportunity, still … I am grateful for the universe and everybody that has helped me on my path so far. Without the experiences in my life and the people that crossed my path, things would have been different.

All connections are happening for a reason. All experiences in life are there to teach us and make us grow. I love my life (yes, including all the dark things that brought me to where I am now) and I am ready for the next chapter.

Manifesting this amazing trip accross the globe for me and my family was a milestone I thought would never happen for us after losing it all in the earthquakes 8 years ago.

So, take inspiration from this and set your own goals and follow your dreams hard!

Because my dear friend, YES! everything is possible if you focus and apply yourself.

Manage your mindset monsters, overcome your fears, reach out for help when you feel stuck, it’s the only way. Trust me!  

as always,

wishing you Love, inspiration and Light, 
xx Joyce

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