we are our stories and myths

I have been dreaming a lot lately (and also remembering what about) You know that I am on a personal quest to my deeper inner self, to better understand all the layers that make up a person and allowing the multi-passionate, multi-layered to be of service to others as well.

By doing this I am finding leads and loose threads on my path. And when I follow these exciting fragments of stories, I learn that they actually connect deeper down with others as well.

It turns out to be exactly how I visualized it at times: we are all connected.

Yes, there is such a thing as the Anima Mundi, the collective consciousness. Our personal, human roots go much deeper and are connected just like the roots of trees are (see the wood wide web) Read about the trees, how they communicate , how they handover their knowledge and wisdom and understand that this is true for us as well. I invite you to just follow the beginning of a thread and research the origin. Read up on thoughts, stories and myths, fairy tales and legends and find the similarities in them. It is really astonishing and exciting to see how different parts of the world and different people have very similar stories that must have had a collective beginning or been influenced by each other.

Personal stories, or personal myths as Sharon Blackie calls them (I love her views), can be traced back to deeper connections we have with Mother Earth and to feel these we need to give ourselves time to connect with them. Slow down, listen to our inner voices and touch our inner soul strings. Open our eyes and minds and receive the responses. It’s almost like a beautiful dance or piece of music.

There is a voice inside of me that calls to slow down and when I am giving in more, the clearer the messages become. It feels as if Mother Earth is calling or the Mother tree is talking. They probably are one and the same, just as we are all collective consciousness, we are all one, all connected, al sharing information and wisdom.

Re-imagining myself and how I stand in this inter-woven-world has offered new insights and anidea for how I can translate this into a practice, a fun creative exercise that will provide personal meaning, stay tuned for this ūüôā

Maybe you have been feeling these energies as well? I’d love to connect and hear your experiences. Perhaps you call this random thinking, that’s okay too. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as well.

As always, I am sending you much inspiration, Love and Light

xx Joyce


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