the first virtual – Open Studio

This weekend I hosted my first virtual Open Studio, and …….

A Bear appeared

in the conversation, on the journal page and started wandering in my mind.

The bear spirit animal has been worshipped throughout time because of its raw power and strength. Serving as an inspiration for big and small animals to be brave and stand up against adversity. The bear symbolism invites you to be in touch with the earth. To understand the cycles of nature, to experience healing in your body, mind, and spirit. And I really felt this all around me. Even now, when I am with the journal-page that I started during the session, I still feel this energy. I love that about connecting an older wisdom with my own creative “medicine”

Oh, did I learn a LOT!

Yes, true, I have previously recorded on-line art & creativity classes. And yes, I have hosted and still host many, many live workshops and classes in my real-life-studio. Now though, it was time to shape this into an informal on-line studio feeling.

Many things ended up going so different to what I had visualized. I have a vivid imagination and that part comes easy ……. Bringing my dreams to life is more of a challenge and also the reason why I stalled for so long. I was hesitant to do anything even remotely close to connecting and reaching out into the virtual world.

It’s a personal struggle that I am facing head on.

Yes, I am fully aware that I will crash, fall flat on my face and make mistakes along the way. But ……. it is something I am determined to make work somehow. The urge from within to share and inspire is greater than my fear, so ……. here we are …….

The women that come to my real-life studio here locally experience the atmosphere. They can taste the creativity in the space. Feel the inspiring energies coming to them from all directions and all the nooks and crannies. Some of those energies are harder to project into the on-line world. And that is exactly the difficulty I always experienced.

I like you to be able to sense that too. That is why I decided to host these open studio’s. So the first one has been and gone now and I am already thinking about the next one in July. (they will happen monthly)

  • Notes have been listed from last weekend for things to improve and/or change for the next meeting. – tick
  • Imperfect action over perfection: I am allowing myself to show up anything but perfect – tick
  • Yes, I will embrace all my flaws and the things I am learning myself from hosting these things ! – tick
  • The theme is chosen: I’ll share how to make an art journal. One that is easy and pretty fast to achieve – tick

Showing up, taking inspired action rather than thinking too long and too much about something until it looses it’s relevance. That is what has kept me “hidden” for too long. All these ideas, all these precious things inside that could have been shared. Abandoned only because they never reached the level of perfection in my own critical mind.

Sometimes it take a BIG experience to realize that that is exactly what you’ve been doing.

Criticising yourself so harshly that beautiful thoughts and dreams never were allowed into the world – by yourself!

I had to go through all these earthquakes many years ago now, to realize, it is good enough to be good enough!

Rise up, show up, share, inspire and learn on the way.

And so, there it is. The next Virtual Open Studio for July is going to be on

Saturday 20 July: 2 pm Pacific | 4 pm Central | 5 pm Eastern USA/CA | 10 pm United Kingdom | 11 pm CET-Europe = Sunday21 July: 7 am Australia AEST | 9 am New Zealand time

I’d LOVE for you to join us and come, create and feel good enough to do anything you want ūüôā

Because yes, you are worth it and your voice and presence is good enough. (just click below to RSVP)

as always, much love, inspiration and Light

xx Joyce


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  1. Is there going to be a replay of the Open Studio? I was there but had to leave and didn’t get to see it all.
    Thank you,

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