Hi, my name is Joyce and I am a multi passionate …..

It almost sounds like an introduction to a help-group, … you know the kind …

Or ……. see it as a declaration to yourself. That moment that you decide to embrace the mixed layerdness of you, more of you,¬† ALL of YOU !

All the wonderful/scary; inspirational/bored; perfect/imperfect; clever/silly; brilliant light/moody dark ……. (and I can keep on going ……. )

Do you see how this is starting to paint the contrast and the richness of the palette that paints YOU?

You’re a Multi-passionate !

which means: at the same time brightly gifted and sparkling from within as well as carrying a burden that pushes heavily on your shoulders.)

How do I know this? Well, I am multi-passionate and it took me a long, LONG time to understand the benefits of it. Most of my friends already knew exactly what they wanted to be, but I had about a dozen ideas flying around in my head.

The more I grew up, the more I learned and experienced, the more choices and options.

Others would call me scatter-brained or unfocused, would say that I couldn’t commit.

Inside of my multi-faceted mind that was not true at all. I would be really interested in something and fiercely focus. I would focus deeply, diving in fully and giving my more-than-all. After that , something new came along to focus on. I would then throw myself in again to soak up all the information, experience everything to the fullest ……. and repeat.

You feel me yeah? Overwhelm ! It only became harder to choose and it made me feel like a complete misfit. This feeling of being drawn into different directions is part of who we are as multi-potentialites. The more other scanners I meet and talk with, the more this shows as being in our core beings. It’s not something you can just change or deny. And yes, there is an external pressure on you to change and this can lead to feeling unhappy.

We live in a society with education systems that prepare us for work and life in a way that you basically choose something, study it and that is it. However lovely, this does not work for the multi-passionate soul.

Yet another reason I felt that there must have been something seriously wrong with me. Why could I not just be happy with a job like everybody else? The inner voice always had plenty of answers of course! but those only sounded even stranger to the well-meaning people who were trying to “help” me find my place ……..

Eventually, the only solution was to find ways to include all of my interests into my life.

How did I do this? Well I tried to have a “regular job” (you know, one to pay the bills and keep everybody content I was doing great and being normal) and do ALL my interesting things at night. As a result I had less and less sleep, because in the hours after dark I lived out my true passions. Spoiler alert: this is not healthy on your body and your body holds your multi-passionate soul to begin with, so you really need to look after her <3 The curious mind needs rest and quiet time to process ideas and thoughts and all the things learned.

Burning the candle on both ends and feeling the burn-out from it resulted in the realization that something really had to change. A big leap of faith and change of scenery later, I started from scratch and moved to the other side of the globe.

A better place to live in was the story behind this (in hind sight I also think my subconscious forced me to re-set my life this way) Once there, you know what? I fell in the same trap again. This shows that I wasn’t fully aligned yet apparently. After a while the universe decided to send me another re-set button: the Canterbury Earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. Yes, the universe works in mysterious ways and it does listen to your (sometimes silent) cries for help. This time I decided to listen, listen also to my soul and I worked on weaving all my multiple passions into my colourful life. I finally learned to feel comfort in playing every day, no longer needing to justify this with a “normal job” on the side or anything else. The only person I need to listen to is myself.

Do you want to know how to include all your multiple passions into what you do?

I’ll share with you how I did it and it may help you along your path.

  • I stopped trying to pick just one thing. Allowed myself to have the curious mind with more than one passion and focused instead on finding a way to weave them together into one glorious magic carpet.
  • I thought really deeply about my strengths, even took tests like the StrengthsFinder¬ģ test. I received so much clarity from the outcome of this last one. Confirmation of personal treats I had been experiencing all my life and I started to see how they all fit together. These things really helped me to understand how others can perceive me and why they may react the way they do.
  • I started to accept that eventhough I am an introvert, I also do have a little voice inside that wants to be heard. This little, (sometimes truly annoying) nagging voice wants to share with the world and will not stop until the message finds it’s way out. I just needed to help it find the right vessel.

Hallelujah, I started making plans ūüôā

One list held my passions and I got clearer on my purpose. In another column I wrote down things I am interested in and curious about and another column again for the things that are important for Mother Earth and the world. Then I kept selecting and started weaving the core threads together.

I started truly living, every minute of it and how I felt best (mostly outside the box) Don’t get me wrong, I love boxes, as in treasure-boxes, the things that come with lids and stuff. They are safe and sacred places to keep things, but I believe that living needs more space ūüėČ

Sure, I do have skills that you can name/identify and perhaps “box” if you like. But the freedom of thinking, growing, evolving can only happen when there is space allowed for this. Yes, at times you need to work inside a box for a little bit to be able to acquire the tool or skill to move ahead. That is okay, as long as you can identify this, so that you can keep your focus on the end goal. This is how I managed the box-thing and started dangling over the edge of it:

  • What interests me more than anything is freedom and independence for everybody. In all aspects of thinking, doing and being. I‚Äôm interested in and passionate about creativity, the arts, spirituality, the human mind, intuition, travel, cultures, nature, the planet, healing emotional pain, self-care, worthiness, entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency and more. You know I already say it over and over each time: I believe our world needs more love, more people connecting and supporting each other in peaceful ways. Trusting, sharing, caring and having fun together while at the same time we channel our energies in weaving this safetynet around our precious Mother Earth.

  • On the flip-side it is the feeling of having no opportunity for freedom of choice, no options available, the feeling of stuck-ness that breaks my heart.

When I saw the opportunity to play with these different aspects and to bring them together, I got pretty excited.

I could blend theses things together like colours of paint; like weaving strands into a tapestry; twisting filaments and twine into a sturdy rope. It all started to make sense and anchored me in my purpose.

It was now clear to me, but the challenge: How to bring it all out into the world?

What carrier, vessel, what raft or Magic carpet would be able to carry this out-of-the-box-business of mine?

I am constantly working on fine-tuning this, to make connections easier and clearer. To find authentic, open-minded ways to reach like-minded souls. I am forever a work-in-progress personally, as we all are in this life experience. Asking myself over and over again the question how to show uniqueness, open-mindedness, gifts, multi-passionate, curiosity. .So that others can feel your essence and can feel comfortable and “at home” without the need for shouting and in-your-face promotional ways that make you cringe.

My path includes loads of creativity and mindset work to help other souls rise up, show up and start to enjoy their own journey. It makes it an adventure that grows richer and richer and is quite exciting. Yes, art and mindset go together. Mindset and art blend effortlessly.

By no means is this the final destination. It is always organic, growing and evolving.

That is exactly why I call it my Magic carpet, because there is magic to be had and love, sparkles and surprises.

How curious are you? How many passions are you pursuing? Would you like to learn how to manage your Mindset and create harmonay in your life and work too?

Let’s have a chat and see what I can do for you *just click here*

as always, wishing you love, inspiration and Light