Do you feel you’re ‘Spinning’?

Do you sometimes feel that you must be spinning? or do others refer to you like that?¬† I mean: spinning, as in spinning plates ….. you know the circus act ūüôā


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How many plates are you trying to keep in the air? and which ones are in danger of falling down? You know of course that doing tricks like that take practice and you can only do it step by step. So, it makes total sense that when you are a multi passionate soul and your dream is to weave together many different things you will need to learn a few tricks. To keep things you like doing, want to learn doing and have a passion of bringing out into the world moving …… it will take a bit of practicing to juggle these plates and get them all to spin smoothly, right?



These are the things we discuss in “ALL of You” the series of conversations currently running in my show. I found well over 20 other multi passionate women around the world who have been practicing spinning their plates in the air and share how they have managed these challenges. Are you curious about ALL we have been talking about?

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And of course, if you feel you can do with a little help getting your plates to spin smoothly and effortlessly, you can always reach out to me and see how I can help you with your dreams * just click HERE


as always, wishing you much Love, inspiration and Light



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