Your stories are safe-keeping your special force

How can you start using this personal power source and make your beautiful dreams come true?

Let me tell you a little story, which starts with a simple question:

Do you sometimes meet someone and afterwards you just cannot stop thinking about this encounter? well, this recently happened to me (again)

A woman stopped by my studio and we started to talk. She is multi-passionate, warm-hearted and a little bit of a rebellious chick. Yep, we had quite a few things in common and our conversation moved quickly from paintings and art making to past and future dreams. The ones that had come true so far and those that never made it (yet).

One of the ideas she’d had ever since she was a little girl never made it and it still filled her with sadness. It had been her beautiful, secret dream to live a creative life that would support her financially…and that is where it stopped. Not the story she shared, but that dream.

The “valid reasons” why that dream never happened were really just excuses, validations for the other choices she had made instead. Choices that had been the better thing to do in her situation, safer or expected and more suitable for ……blahblahblah.

She had listened to all that good advice and let the dream slip through her fingers. Almost given up on it, but the spark was still there. She was done with living what was “expected”, felt frustrated and she deeply longed for a different reality.

The reason she didn’t persue this dream anymore now? Well, it felt too late, she got too old, she should have:this and should have:that and could have …everything in between.

Still, she admitted that every time she saw another women embrace her wild ideas and just run with them, she’d think “I wish I could do that too”

And that is the flipside of creative minds, all those beautiful ideas and lots of them left for nothing simply because they weren’t allowed the light of day.

So now what? I hear you ask … did you not help her to catch that dream?

Of course! I know so well how it feels to have a dream in that untouchable space. We talked for a long time actually and she decided to commit to doing the work to follow up on her dream, so she can finally live it. The bridge she needs to build to reach that space is right in front of her, yet she simply could not see it clearly anymore because of :


Overwhelm is the mindset monster that keeps so many dreams untouched or unfinished and it is the almost invisible creature of doom.

It hides in lack of focus, lack of time, lack of confidence.

It lurks behind shy-ness, withdrawal and fear of visibility, all the should and should-nots etc. etc.

I see this again and again and believe you me, I have met this creature too!

MANAGE your Mindset Monsters, lock them up and throw away the key please.

Yeah, I like metaphors and playing with words, it’s one of my quirks (don’t shoot should me)

I love PLAY and don’t want to grow up, so there.

What I do now is help women, like this beautiful soul, follow their heart and make their dreams come true. Using creative expression to find the personal story and how to make sense of it all. Create anchors to those beautiful dreams, build bridges between the frustration and the life with fun! Blending colors to show more possibillities in between. Here’s the funny thing: When you want to reach your dreams Fast, you need to go Slow. Step by step, re-focuse and stay on your path.

Yes, it was the conversation with this woman that sparked all this. Yes, I definitely think of this meeting a lot, because I can see me in her. A previous version of me … I am so grateful I moved from there to where I am now and so excited to be able to witness her making the transformation for herself too. Because blending colors, embracing stories and layering experiences make a wild dream even more interesting and worth wild.

My work is connecting to the Focused Flowstate of the deeper story, Intuitive Creating that feels like meditation and self care, Creative strategy making for all the bussinessy stuff that you need as a multi-passionate womanpreneur. Blending it all together into a colorful, rich life just like a rainbow. And to enjoy rainbows we need allow the rain. Remember: You ARE a rainbow!

Live YOUR life, free your mind, no masks, no more people pleasing. Curious to what is possible for you?

Do you (finally) feel ready to show up for YOUR dreams?

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Also: This week saw the start of the DARE to be Seen – InStory summit. This is a free summit offering and I am so happy to be part of this. We dive deep into our stories with host and storyteller-coach Devorah Spilman.  You can of course join us HERE (it’s Free and really worth wild when you are struggling with your own story)


Love and Light as always,



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