RELEASE – my word for 2020

Well Hello, You feel this too?

It has actually started, this New Year is here and I better get into the swing of things. ūü•įūüôÉūüėé
Happy New Year!!

Yes! I do have ideas, goals, wishes and Dreams for the time ahead and I DO plan and make strategies to make these become reality.
This first week of the New Year I’ve been prepping a whole lot of stuff, because yeah, most of us do end up with a bit more time to spare around the Festive days, simply because so many businesses have been closed until the 6th (and then it’s Summer Holidays here too)

I’ve seen many calls for resolutions, words for the year and all these things. To be honest, I never think long and hard about this stuff. I could have easily gone without a word for the year. Also don’t make New Year’s resolutions….. for all the reasons that many of us start to feel disappoinments after a week or so …….

But then again …..I do think about what I would love to be doing with this brand-spanking new year, the start of this new decade ……..
I am filling in my calendar, schedules and all those planner things (the oh, so left-brained tasks ……catch me quick or I may faint)
And then……………….The word for 2020 suddenly just revealed itself to me. It popped into my head, plop! ūüôŹ ……….

* RELEASE !!! *

……. I already love it !!!!
[ release /r…™ňąliňźs/
1. allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.
– free – set free – let go – allow to leave –
set/let/turn loose – let out – liberate ….
2. allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.
Remove restrictions or obligations so that they become available for other activity.
– make available – free – free up …]

YES! I am going to RELEASE and FREE-UP SPACE

Releasing old habits and making Space for new ones
Releasing worries and making Space for growth etc. etc.

There is so much to release and make space for, I am quite excited!

(oh and the symbol? My own Unalome. I created this a month or so ago. It’s my initial turned into a life path with a clear point for focus. How about you, do you have a word? Let me know, I’d love to hear!

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