AAARGH! I lost Focus

The other day I wrote in my newsletter about this and I like to expand on my thoughts a little more here in this post. I’m curious, How is 2020 going for you so far?

If you look around, I bet it’s pretty easy to see how many of us are suffering from the “worthiness wound.”  It hides in perfectionism, over-doing, over-giving, overwhelm, or simply not thriving.

Maybe you’ll hear talks about things like:
“I feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stuck.” 

I want to start, improve, expand ….. but I just don’t know where to start.”

is this all there is…??” 

I know I am finding myself in one of those spots at the moment and I did not plan for it! AAARGH!

YES! it happens to me too, you’re not alone!

I had it all sorted out for this new Decade. I had been planning stuff for my business and started putting strategies in place …. and then …. I watched the world news and allowed the things that were happening to influence my mood and it slowed everything down.

You know, there was another time when I struggled with this a lot already and felt like I would never break free from this overwhelm and the crappy stories I started telling myself.

I managed to get out of that then and thought I was over and done with that monster….

Hmm, guess not … these beasts crawl back when you least expect it ….

When I over-react to outside happenings and realize that I let my life and work be influenced by them, I get angry with myself. I start to tell myself off.

This results in less productivity in my business etc. and there we go: the downward spiral appears …..

The advantage now is that I know this happens!

I see it, feel it and have to be careful not to get annoyed that it still happens. I need be gentle with myself and flip the energy. Remember that I need to heal that part in me (still) and that this is okay. It’s totally fine.

If I am ever going to feel free, peaceful, connected and really in love with my life, I need to understand myself and work with the tools that keep me focused and on track, because I am worth it!

Self-are has never come easily to me. I always put myself last and still have to be vigilent that I take time for myself. Rather than pushing harder so that I won’t feel less worthy. This working harder and pushing through is actually a form of hiding and I am so done hiding in that self-imposed box ….

Which brings me to the next phase in the thoughts that arrive when I feel this way: The good girl vs the brave rebel. I have them both, many of us have them. This internal struggle, again, is something that you can flip.

But I’ll write about that next time,

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