Create your way through these challenging times! Let me help you to stop feeling overwhelm, stress, anxiety and uncertainty, so that you can Think and Plan Clearly again!

I remember very well the surreal feeling after the earthquakes and the whole shakey aftermath.

The Uncertainty, anxiety and yes, Fear for what the furture would hold. Literally, financially and emotionally.

Nervous feelings about what would be the best choice to make for myself and the family.
This situation now? It feels very much like that again. – Talk about déjà vu – 

The longer you allow these feelings to run around in your mind,

the harder it gets to find a way out of the doom and gloom.

Do I have the answer to all this new and crazy stuff the world is facing? NO, BUT: I HAVE been in that very similar/ different surreal place before. It opened my eyes and gave me insights and purpose to deal with this now. And I am ready to help you through the emotional turmoil you may be facing now.

So WHAT to DO?
* Build up confidence in yourself and your work.
* Be aware when spinning inside your own thoughts too long. Reach out and find clarity.
* Learn to have Fun while finding your way out and forward.
* Listen carefully to your Mind, Body and Soul as you rise up.

(remember your are all energy and your overall health is the driving force of ALL of You!)


is a 4 week online jump-start for Women Changemakers that want to seriously prepare themselves and be there for themselves, their loved ones and extended communities when the worst is over (it will happen, this too will pass)

* You will dive in deep.

You will find clarity by connecting with your truth. You are going to practice a variety of ways to deal with the added pressure of the situation we are currently facing and find your peace and purpose strongly rooted within.

* You will explore to understand.

And Filter to Transform. You will learn ways to slow down in order to find your new pace.

These new challenges need Creative Minds and out-of-the-box solutions.

Bring clarity, understanding and positive habits into this inside-out, upside-down world. 

There comes a day in every woman’s life,
when Mother Earth wraps her arms around your shoulders and softly whispers: “… It’s Time …

– NOW is one of those times! –


  • Weekly Modules with prompts, meditations and other exercises will be be released. (and then available to explore online anytime)
  • Weekly live meetings
  • Private Facebook group to gather, share and support each other.

“If it is out of your hands, it also deserves freedom from your mind” [Ivan Nuru]

Enjoy the borrowed benefits from my experiences during the Earthquakes and their uncertain aftermath. I share Creative strategies, tips and support with you during this difficult time of Social isolation and Physical distancing.

I want you to Reclaim your Life – Achieve MORE of your DREAMS


– even in a small space and a short 5 minute break, or when you only have that cupboard under-the-stairs –

 Gift yourself the time and space you need to be in control of where your Life and Business are going next.



  • Creative Women yearning to find MEANING in this CHAOS
  • Artists that are looking for a way to connect experiences with their chosen form of expression.
  • Women feeling the pressure of the current world situation
  • ChangeMakers seeking community and support in order to deal with the uncertainty we are facing
  • Women that want to prepare themselves for the future and what comes next.
  • Those that want to find the way to embrace their Brave, Warrior Woman.
  • I will share my experiences, so you can draw from those lessons learned.
  • Creative women or who identify as women. 
  • If you are doubting yourself now:
  • Be brave and jump, you will find your Wings and Fly!




Joyce has been so helpful in realizing one of my dreams. I have pushed through the fear and opened a little studio! Thank you for your help and guidance!
Jacqui Howell
I am so glad I worked with Joyce. I certainly found my Force and my purpose. I did have a goal at the start, but never dreamed of getting this far in such a short time. It exceeded my expectations! I learned much more about myself and highly recommend Joyce's programs. Looking forward to working with her again" - Iris Beemster
Iris Beemster
Youth Coach
My progress has been wonderful! I found both clarity in my direction and actually got in the mindset of "I'm really going to do this now" This program was great. So good to have a coach to keep me on track. Grown more than I thought possible.
Emma C
Environmental Project Coordinator
My Most Marvelous Coach! I have grown so much. Feeling much better balanced and much more centered AND I'm happier and more at peace! Gratitude and praise! I'm also officially healthier than before .. great big yay! I'm loving what I am learning! Thank you thank you!!!
Bonnie Severn
Working with Joyce has been an absolute joy. I had no idea how much fun it would be. So glad I took the plunge and signed up
Bronwyn Fox

Creativity and Art is my medicine.

I use it as meditation, inspiration and support.

To draw out ideas, unload my worries + other dark stuff.

My journals are my safe places – visual sanctuaries
They help me move on and enjoy life!

I share what it can do for you too!

It is never too late to have a NEW DREAM!

  • You will feel inspired, supported and encouraged to step into your full potential.
  • With better Focus, you WILL reach MORE of your goals and dreams!
  • Learn creative ways for Mindset shifts and Strategies
  • Personal and Business breakthroughs will turn into new fresh habits.




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Q: Is this a live program?

A: Yes. Creative RE-FOCUS has 4 Live calls

Q: If I can’t make all of the calls live, can I still do this program?

A: Yes, all calls are available afterwards as replay. I recommend you come to as many of the live calls as you can, because of course there are benefits to participate in live calls. Make it a priority and schedule them into your calendar as soon as you purchase the program.

Q: Is Creative ReFocus an art course?

A: It is a course with focus on creating in all aspects of the meaning. Hands-on exercises and practices are woven into the program. To keep it FUN and avoid things from getting boring.  


A little background. My story takes me from one side of the globe to the exact opposite side in pursuit of a better quality of life.
Yes, I have always been a dreamer. Always wanted to live in a place with beautiful scenery, coastlines, space and all that.
Growing up in one of the small countries in western Europe, my mind always wandered off to exotic places. This started my traveling days.
When this no longer satisfied me. (insert that famous Stones' song here), I took a my first big leap of faith. I left a comfortable, but in my view boring, life behind and moved to the other side of the globe. (the exact opposite side of Mother Earth, yeah I did that!)
Fun fact
? I tried to blend in in this new country I wanted to call my home. Silly idea of course, when we are all meant to stand out.
There is a strage thing here in New Zealand, they call it the “
Tall Poppy Syndrome” I know right, it sounds creepy! and it is! It means that if you stand out, your head gets chopped off. In other words: be the same like everybody else and you're safe. I lost my weird, wacky quirkyness in the attempt to be “safe” and accepted, GAH! I had fallen in the same old trap of trying to “fit in” again. (stubborn people-pleasing-block). My dreams never stopped though.
The Universe must have been patienty listening all that time. Sending me signs that I most likely didn't see or not well enough to act on.
Then a
HUGE SHAKE UP! The earthquakes of 2010/2011 WOW! Those were hard to miss. In an instant, I lost everything I had been able to build up.
A year after the first tremor we decided to take another leap (hey, if it worked once, it will work again, right?) and moved to the other island of New Zealand to start all over again.
In this new place, with the beautiful name: “Bay of Plenty”, I soon started an art-studio business on the smell of an old oily rag. Weaving creativity and mindset together to not only grow and run the studio. Become the main provider for my family with now two very active teenagers (and Twinkle, the cat). But ALSO start my on-line business AND find enough time to nourish my own creative soul. Creativity has been my drug of choice to get me through all my ups and downs.
It has been my savior, my medicine and my companion. And I am passionate to share this power with anybody that wants to learn.

Yes, it has taken determination, persistence, bravery and guts and even a little craziness.

But it has given me insights, understanding and a new start in life that I love.

I'm honoured for your consideration to working with me and learning from me.

Love and Light, always