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Let me guess …..

You are here because you are curious to know more about me? and if you are anything like me, you care way more about focusing on what lies ahead rather than behind you? You are looking to find someone to connect with who is straight to the point and actually wants you to move ahead ? Yes?  Then you are in the right place. Nice to meet you! Hi this is Joyce, I practice is what I preach, I play fair, will tell it to you straight and be totally honest with you. No walking on eggs with me (I will crack them and it'll be a mess)

I help multi passionate women like you, who hit a wall, lost their mojo and feel stuck. Mentor you to rise up again, unleash your feminine energy and Find your Force, so that you can create an independent Business and Life with Freedom+Fun

“Want to be inspired and prepared to skyrocket your business? Let's find your wings so you can Fly!”

  • Use your Unique Feminine Energy to get clear on your killer business idea!
  • Find your Force, finally make those plans and create that business and Life you always dreamed of.
  • Enough with being reliant on others, make your own independent choices!
  • Your time in that corner has been too long now, let’s break free and fly

     All sounds great, but how to find the way?

As a creative business coach with over 20 years of experience in start-ups and running creative led businesses both mainstream and on-line, I mentor multi passionate entrepreneurial women like you.

I help to Flip your Fears and Feel Flawsome again. To rise up and become independent, Free and in charge of your business and life.

– get your mindset in on board with your idea

–  weave your strengths, talents and experiences into the driving force

– launch your independent business the feminine way

– create a plan, a strategy and future proof your life

– so you can enjoy every minute of every day and be the changemaker you feel you should be

I believe you can create the business and life you desire.

The trick is to find your special magic. And that magic happens when you live your life and do your work by tapping into your own unique Force.

Because when you tap into your Unique Force work will feel like play, you can serve more people effortlessly and as a result will create your ultimate Freedom in Life.


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and paint your wings so you 2 can Fly !

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“Just wanted to say a big thank you for what you have done for my daughter.  She has gone from the girl who cried on her first session and thought she wasn’t any good, to one who has more confidence and loves what she does.” – Nyree 

Joyce is a creative mindset coach, business strategist and artist.  She is the founder of the Fierce Female Force and creator of the Find your Force programs that focuses on the unique feminine energy present in each of our bodies. Joyce helps women Find this Force and use it to create a business and life with independence, freedom and fun. With her innovative approach, Joyce weaves creative exercises and projects into her coaching process. Her clients are guided to explore their dreams and to create a personalized plan for their one of a kind ideas.



You get access to my personal strategies, the ones I used myself.

The projects and exercises I developed and created: to break down blocks; flip mindsets; find your special forces; combine these all together to incubate ideas, plan and strategize for your successful business launch.

As we work together I encourage you to be open for new ideas. Forget about what has been holding you back all this time, build trust in yourself, look forward and focus on the goal you have set.

After working with me you will be totally clear on what makes you unique and worthy. You will be confident in your business idea, understand the different parts that make-up a business and you will be excited each and every day to confidently look towards your newly created future (where you are no longer stuck)

The long version:

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I know how to fail forward, how to get back up after falling down and how to come out stronger, more determined and a better version all together. Are you ready to do the same ? then I am here to help you make this happen and show you how to stay in balance with your feminine energy while doing this.

A Dutchie living in New Zealand, I came here with a dream, to live a better quality of life. Well ….. unexpected things happen in life (don't they always) and so this ended up with me working harder and more hours than ever before and for less money, draining my battery. Not exactly what I had been dreaming about. Sure, it is a beautiful place on earth ( it truly is “Godzone” ) but there had to be more…. The first place I called my new home was Christchurch, this got horribly shaken and damaged by earthquakes just when life was starting to make sense, so a year after those I moved away from there, leaving behind the home I created away from my birth home.

The new place… another beautiful place and it meant I had to start again with very little left, so I kept looking, working, fighting and going until I found a way to finally do what I feel deep in my soul is my true purpose on this planet.

mindset coaching,online coaching programs, find your force

it is > the Fierce Female Force


–> it is <–

My passion and mission is to help as many women as I can to Find their unique Force, that special something that makes you stand out and that will drive you to embrace your future and create your feeling of total freedom

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