… you want to know some weird facts and juicy stuff about me? ….. well ….. okay I'll share some of that with you too.

I work with change-makers, multi-passionate women, just like you – just like me.

  • The curious, weird and wacky ones.
  • The misfits not choosing to conform, yet seeking to connect.
  • The ones that feel overwhelmed, stuck, hit a wall or lost their mojo. My way is straight, open, honest and fair.

I practice what I preach, no secrets. (walking on eggs only makes a huge mess) There is no “one size fits all” here, we are all absolutely fabulously unique!

Let me help you find YOUR way, so that nobody will ever have to teach you THEIR way ever again. I guide you on YOUR path.

I'm a Dutchie that moved to the opposite side of the globe and now lives in New Zealand. I love licorice and avocados, spicy food, blue cheese and black coffee. I have a thing for Wings, 'cause they make you FLY and I dreamt of flying ever since I was a little girl.
Angels are important too. They are my Kaitiaki, my Guardians, they keep me safe.

I am a bit of a hunter|gatherer, love to beachcomb and find treasures washed up from the ocean's depths….

But really, you want to know about the transformation that working with me will bring for you, right?

You have been trying to figure out what is possible for you and your dreams?

You have been looking to find where to fit in in this overwhelming, loud world ? or do you really want to “fit” in the first place?

I get this feeling of internal struggle between wanting to hide and wanting to share your knowledge with the world. I have been there too.

You want to change that feeling, flip your mindset so you can rise up again? Unleash that inner Fire (feminine energy) and Find your Force? 

Create independence and a personal freedom in all areas of your life, so that it feels harmonious and in flow.

Yep, Me too! that's my journey and I am happy to walk with you on yours!

the early years

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a day dreamer. I loved stories and magical tales full of adventures and especially those with strong female protagonists. I would loose myself in those imaginary worlds and got told of for it in school. I was living on my own little fluffy cloud. Of course the “normal world” and all the well meaning advisors, teachers etc. tried to mold me into a complying human being and my little good girl liked to please and went along for the ride…… for a while and then my REBELIOUS girl would show up to rock the boat…..

My self adopted alter ego Pippi Longstocking would remind me that my spirit wanted something else. And this ……. has been going on for most of my life, until the BIG shake up .. [read more in the far right column]

1970s – 1980s

The Rebel years. Growing up with the good girl vs rebel girl

1990s – 2000s

I’m a mother to 2 Kiwi-kids (=New Zealand born), very creative teenagers. I looooove spending time with them. My partner, my soulmate, comes form Indonesia, I am originally from the Netherlands and we all live downunder in the beautiful Bay of Plenty with our wacky cat Twinkle. I’m drawn to all things creative, nature, books and cultures. I’m a night owl, go to bed way too late. Drink my coffee simple:long and black and love licorice, cheese, spicy foods and nuts (in no particular order)

and now →

My work and the quest for freedom and independence is my passion. I'm very fortunate to have found a way to bring all my creativity into my life and business. Sharing these experiences with other multi passionate women makes my heart sing.  We moved to the Bay of Plenty on the North Island after the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010/2011 Having lost almost all changed my life instantly. EVERYTHING is now Focused on bringing out my dreams and helping others do exactly the same. I have been shaken up – woken up.

The energy in the place I call home now connects well with my own. It's almost magical.  Reaching more changemakers all around the world makes me excited and curious to what is next. You are a part in that story and I like to thank you for this.

“I am so glad I worked with Joyce. I have grown so much, much more than I had hoped for. My progress has been Wonderful. Within the first months I found both clarity in my direction and actually got in the mindset of ‘I'm really going to do this'. The material exceeded my expectations. I love the online homework and the face-to-face sessions. Soooo good to have a coach to keep me on track.  I certainly found my Force and my purpose. I did have a goal at the start, but never dreamed of getting this far in just 6 months. It exceeded my expectations! I learned much more about myself  and many helpful tools for my business.  Highly recommend Joyce's programs and look forward to working with her again.” – Iris B.

multi passionate- Joyce van der Lely

Joyce, your Fierce Female Force has been so helpful in realizing one of my dreams. I have pushed through the fear and opened a little studio!
Thank you for your help and guidance! 
– Jacqui H.


“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your help.  I have gone from thinking I wasn’t any good, to having more confidence and loving what I do” – Nyree

Working with Joyce has been an absolute joy.
I had no idea how much fun it would be and I am so glad I took the plunge and signed up. Over a year later and I can't do without my creative fix. – Bronwyn Fox

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