• Your stories are safe-keeping your special force

    How can you start using this personal power source and make your beautiful dreams come true? Let me tell you a little story, which starts with a simple question: Do you sometimes meet someone and afterwards you just cannot stop thinking about...
  • it all starts with a seed

    🌱 In nature, it always starts with a seed........ we all know that, right? Sometimes you may think that when something like a pinecone falls to the ground, it must have lost it's power? Well ....... think twice! Just look at the images...
  • Do you feel you're ‘Spinning'?

    Do you sometimes feel that you must be spinning? or do others refer to you like that?  I mean: spinning, as in spinning plates ..... you know the circus act 🙂   How many plates are you trying to keep in the...
  • ALL of YOU

    Let me ask you a question, open and honest and I like you to answer this truthfully too. Have you always felt like an outsider, a bit of a weirdo, a misfit? Always wanted to find somewhere where you felt you...
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