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  • you can do it, every time!

    How many times I read stories and hear women say to me during sessions that they "cannot do it" or they were told by others that they "cannot do it" Yet........ We look up to those that defy those words, that throw those words in the wind and DO IT ANYWAY! Now why is...
  • a Work in progress forever and ever

    WORK IN PROGRESS You are a work in progress, just like I am. Yes, embrace this! And let's hope we will be for a long time to come too. Multi passionate and Creative women feel okay with this! it is completely normal. Being a work-in-progress means evolving, growing, changing and that is ALL GOOD! Today I...
  • Ready to take Flight – Masterclass

    Announcing a Free Masterclass for you!  yes YOU! Fabulous, Amazing, Creative, multipassionate Woman entrepreneur! I know how different our journeys are, that building a business is "something else" for us multi-potentialites. That staying Focused is challenging and keeping to a plan and scheduling feels unnatural. How can you incorporate your creative juices in a sustainable business for...