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  • Ready to take Flight – Masterclass

    Announcing a Free Masterclass for you!  yes YOU! Fabulous, Amazing, Creative, multipassionate Woman entrepreneur! I know how different our journeys are, that building a business is "something else" for us multi-potentialites. That staying Focused is challenging and keeping to a plan and scheduling feels unnatural. How can you incorporate your creative juices in a sustainable business for...
  • Focus on Focus

    This month my Focus is on Focus! Focusing on my on-line event means I need to be okay with spending less time on "other stuff" Longer term Focus on business plans means I need to allow my dreams and thoughts to grow My Focus on my bigger vision means also: I need to...
  • Challenges and why April is a special month for me

    Challenges in April? Do you have them?April is a special month for me, because of a few things and yes it also comes with is my soulmate's birthday - yay! party and yummy cake and stuff like that - specialalso the start of a new year (well okay: new...