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  • Inspiration and Determination

    Halfway down this Love-Month of February, right on Valentine's Day..... ..... is my Birthday. Growing up in Holland it was never much of anything. Valentine's was not yet celebrated there then. It was "just" my Birthday and the calendars mentioned something called Valentine's. I only started to understand what it meant to so...
  • For the Love of February – self Love Focus

    During this Month of Love (which also happens to be my Birth-Month) I am focused on self-love and Managing the Mindset (monsters) with regards to feeling Love for every aspect in Life and work. You can follow my journey through this month on Instagram and also join to receive my daily musings...
  • a Fresh New Year

    Have you felt this too? 2018 has flown by again! Flown by like rivers smoothly flow almost unnoticeably. Flown by with the ease of birds gliding through the sky soaring with their wings stretched out wide. Flying, flowing, flipping into the new year of 2019   I love reflecting on a block of time, an...



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