• AAARGH! I lost Focus

    The other day I wrote in my newsletter about this and I like to expand on my thoughts a little more here in this post. I'm curious, How is 2020 going for you so far? If you look around, I bet...
  • RELEASE – my word for 2020

    Well Hello, You feel this too? It has actually started, this New Year is here and I better get into the swing of things. 🥰🙃😎Happy New Year!! Yes! I do have ideas, goals, wishes and Dreams for the time ahead and I...
  • What's up with these strange days before New Year?

    Every year between Christmas and New Year are 6 very strange days. Many have these days off and simply loose touch with time. What's happening, which day is it? what's tomorrow and where to next? The days blend into one and...
  • Your stories are safe-keeping your special force

    How can you start using this personal power source and make your beautiful dreams come true? Let me tell you a little story, which starts with a simple question: Do you sometimes meet someone and afterwards you just cannot stop thinking about...
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