• Hi, my name is Joyce and I am a multi passionate …..

    It almost sounds like an introduction to a help-group, ... you know the kind ... Or ....... see it as a declaration to yourself. That moment that you decide to embrace the mixed layerdness of you, more of you,  ALL of...
  • the first virtual – Open Studio

    This weekend I hosted my first virtual Open Studio, and ....... A Bear appeared in the conversation, on the journal page and started wandering in my mind. The bear spirit animal has been worshipped throughout time because of its raw power and strength....
  • we are our stories and myths

    I have been dreaming a lot lately (and also remembering what about) You know that I am on a personal quest to my deeper inner self, to better understand all the layers that make up a person and allowing the...
  • the multi passionate empath – the positive vs the negative

    There is something I have felt for a very long time, yet never really admitted that to myself. Something I never wanted to embrace, because this was the reason of never feeling that I "fitted in" and believing that this was...
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multi passionate- Joyce van der Lely
multipassionate, open minded, highly sensitive Aquarian INFP

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