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  • what is mentorship?

    Mentorship What is good Mentorship ? What makes a good Mentor ? I was asked to talk on this topic and in my latest vlog I talk about where my thoughts took me What do you think? I love to hear!  
  • Flawsome

    Flawsome! Yes I know I used this word before, and I love it! Flawsome is a creative word and means: Awesome while embracing your Flaws! That means being authentic, honest, true to YOU! Being okay with who you are, loving yourself for who you are Showing yourself just the way you are, so that...
  • you can do it, every time!

    How many times I read stories and hear women say to me during sessions that they "cannot do it" or they were told by others that they "cannot do it" Yet........ We look up to those that defy those words, that throw those words in the wind and DO IT ANYWAY! Now why is...
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