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multipassionate, open minded, highly sensitive Aquarian INFP
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  • the Art of Allowing

    This week I was talking to a woman, you know how conversations start. A little about the weather, work and the personal life. I already knew that she worked at the local hospital and that her work was demanding (she had shared that with me in a previous conversation a few...
  • Free training this weekend

    Thought to let you know, I am planning another training this weekend. all about how to move forward, how to maintain all the positives of the qualities you have AND learning to bring things to a successful end-goal. It is about going from feeling Frazzled to Finding your Flow. Flow is the ease with which...
  • April Wisdom

    At the start of this new month, this new quarter, I am reflecting a bit. I hope you find yourself enjoying the change of seasons, regardless which side of the equator you call home. Spring as well as Autumn (or Fall) reveal interesting changes and opportunities for growth as well as the...

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