You don't have to do it alone!         

* It's YOUR time *

You know it is, you've been feeling it in your bones, your soul, deep inside your core.

As a multi-passionate, entrepreneurial woman you've tried your hand at things already.

Yes, some turned out well, some were a bit ‘meh' and some turned out to be huge learning curves.

Now you've ended up in this spot asking yourself: “Is that all there is?”

“Are we there yet?” and “What's next?”

You have already taken a couple or more self development steps by yourself of course? Followed others, listened to podcasts and interviews. You've done programs and workshops. Did what your were “supposed to do”

Still, this has only left you feeling unsatisfied, inauthentic and quietly wishing there was another way ……. so … NOW WHAT … and HOW?


You know that Jedi kind of superpower that Master Yoda talks about in Star Wars. The true essence of your being. Your Magic and your Medicine.

That innate Feminine force that we as women can tap into in times of need. When we need to save ourselves and our loved ones? Yes! The same powerful energy you have been ignoring for so long? Because society, schools and all the well-meant words of advice have been numbing it to pulp?


is this resonating with you already? then you are in the right place! LET's TALK !

Let’s Flip your Fears so you can Feel Flawsome again

Time to Feel Fantastic, Fabulous and Frolic in the Fields!

This is Your time to FLY!

Perhaps you are afraid to play,

Scared to dream BIG,

been told life is “tough” over and over again?

You started your change of directions a few times now,

Only to find obstacles in the way,

Getting cold feet and quietly sliding back into the same old same old….

Those feelings of wanting to make a change don’t go away though, do they?

They keep popping up every time again and more frequently?

Edging you on, to finally TAKE ACTION?

You know the only person that can change your life, your thoughts is YOU?

Do you realize the only person standing in your way is YOU?

Allow yourself to be your BEST YOU!      I AM READY – APPLY NOW

Are you curious to know:  

The steps it takes to plan, prepare for and launch an independent business, a balanced life

Ways to help yourself stay Focused on your goal

And create that life and work you are dreaming of ?


The trick is to find your special magic. And that magic happens when you live your life and do your work by tapping into your own unique Force.

When you tap into your Unique Force, your work will feel like play, you can serve more people effortlessly and create your ultimate Freedom in Life.

Having been a woman entrepreneur for well over 20 years, I know the pitfalls of entrepreneurship. The areas where we need to pay attention to ourselves. So that we can keep doing our valuable work in the work, make an impact without losing ourselves to physical, emotional problems or even burnout.

That is where the creative aspects in my work come in. The exercises or creative “distractions” as some might call it, the child-like escapes.

When you allow yourself to play, the sharper edges of the tasks at hand become so much easier to deal with though. You can feel like a child again and you know children learn the fastest right?

Hi, I am Joyce van der Lely, I help multi passionate women like you, who hit a wall, lost their mojo and feel stuck. Mentor you to rise up again, unleash your feminine energy and Find your Force, so that you can create an independent Business and Life with Freedom+Fun

*    Let’s be honest, you had enough of your current situation and you are here because you want to change your life and your work

*    You want to make a difference in the world, make an impact

*    So far what you have done hasn’t worked or to the extend you are looking for

*    You are looking for something different, not the proverbial 13th in the dozen program

*    You want something you finally can relate to and feel that it fits your personality

*    You are looking for financial rewards while doing your thing

*    It will be a FUN ride (that is one of my fields of genius)

Want to know what you need right now?

  • FULL clarity on what it is that makes up you and your wishes. Be honest, find easy fun ways to dive deep and really get to know yourself.
  • FOCUS! You know you can get tempted by the shiny objects, the distractions. You will need to learn ways to stay focused once and for all.
  • A FINE PLAN and STRATEGY to build your business idea and launch it into the world. Organize yourself and your tasks and learn to get more than in your day.
  • FOOLPROOF tools and templates that help you get your business idea laid out. So you are in charge and in control of what happens next. No more surprises.
  • FUN activities to break your tendency to overwork yourself. Activities that clear your head, nourish your soul and prepare yourself for the next task at hand. Fun stuff that keeps you fresh and connected to the plan, so you will not get bored.


Fine-tuned, Personalized and Private 1:1