Private Power Hour Sessions, Half- and Full day options

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Pick my Brain and ask me Anything !

I love to help you rise up and thrive!

For May 2020: only $197

At the end of the session, you'll receive recommendations on how we can continue working together  –  When you take on this offer and sign up – the $197 will be credited as a discount on your program. 

So your Power Hour Session is then completely free!

Are you tired of feeling frustrated, confused and overwhelmed?

Then come learn how to flip this around and make a fresh start.

Show up for yourself and make a Fresh start with a Power Hour (60 minute session)
Bring your questions, plans, ideas and dreams and let me help you to connect with your own special power source.


During our session together we'll cover things like:

  • Clarity: what best to Focus on.
  • Fears: techniques on how to overcome the blocks that you keep revisiting
  • Follow through: how to avoid distractions and how to stay focused on your goals.
    This time you WILL finish what you started!
  • Time: how to feel in charge of your time, learn how this is possible!
  • Creative superpower: ways to personalize, plan your strategy and skyrocket your (business) idea,
    so that you can
    make money doing what you love.


Intensive one on one sessions to finally SKYROCKET that idea.
When you purchase an exclusive power hour session with Joyce, you can ask about any of the following:
    •   Tools and steps you can use over and over again for:
    •   Finding clarity on where to start and how to plan out your idea
    •   Start recognizing and tackling your blocks, fears and/or resistance
    •   Your available choices, which idea to choose and follow through
    •   How to focus and keep that focus on your journey to your goal
    •   Who your ideal clients are and how to find them
    •   The different ways to build your list of ideal clients
    •   How to plan out your idea strategically
    •   Where to find and how to target your audience
    •   How to present yourself and  your unique force
    •   Possible ways to monetize your business idea
    •   The 5 best steps to take next

You will receive the recording of our sessions and takeaways delivered via email within 48 hours after our session.



You can also choose to meet for “Half Day” VIP sessions

We will meet on ZOOM with a small break half way.

Go deeper into one specific topic of your choice or explore something more detailed

A questionnaire will be send out to you before the session, so that I can fully prepare and you can trust that we will stay on track.

(Full V.I.P. Day options are also available on request, send me a quick email)

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