This is an invitation for you to continue on your path,

commit to your goal and reach your dreams.

It’s a privately guided journey,

personalized to exactly what you and your business idea needs.

Ideal when some (or all) of the things below apply:

  You are the woman who is ready to be inspired, to take on creative guidance and mentoring and get to the next level.

  You are serious about building your Business, but you really need help in how to set up the practical side of it.

    You are committed to make the change and ready to put in the work needed,

         still you don’t really know where to start or how and you feel confused what best to do next.

  You encounter blocks on your way that you find hard to deal with and hold you back from reaching your goal

  You struggle with self doubt, lack of confidence at times and self sabotage because of this.

Hello sweet friend, I feel you and I got your back. This program is created to help multi passionate entrepreneurial women like you get clear, confident and ready to run your businesses independently and successfully.

I know you are looking to change up your life and that you feel the hesitance, the doubts, the fears of this new entrepreneurship.

Trust me, it doesn’t have to be scary. There are ways to tackle these early stages step by step, you just need to learn how.

With the Find Your Force Program I empower women just like you to feel inspired, trust your inner voice, be ignited and ready to rise up and soar!

This program shines a complete different light on how to learn new habits and launch an idea.

You will be building much more than your business plan. You will have skills to keep yourself healthy and fit for business as well as enjoying life. Because you and your work are connected and related, so to run a healthy business, you need to be fit in body and mind.

You will have learned how to prioritize and keep a working schedule.

I know how to fail forward, how to get back up after falling down and how to come out stronger, more determined and improve all together. Are you ready to do the same ? (well not the falling down part…) then I am here to help you make this happen and show you how to stay in balance with your feminine energy while doing this.

Spaces available in my private one-on-one work are always limited and by invitation only.

To make your decision easier, there is a fast bonus option you might like to check out.

This will make the commitment to yourself and the program so much stronger, showing yourself you really mean business 😉 


Fine-tuned, Personalized and Private 1:1

Welcome! This is an invitation to your private personalized mentoring program.

 * Get your Mindset aligned with your Business idea!

* Learn to : FOCUS, FLIP your FEARS and Create a Strategy for YOUR Future

STEP 1:  If you want to discuss what package would be best suited for your plan, feel free to schedule a meeting first.

You can do this ► HERE

From experience: 6 months will provide a good foundation to launch a business


(it pains me to see too often that confidence is lost to even show up for this. Honor YOUR time and mine, let’s just talk!)

STEP 3: Be open to learn, be willing to be the beginner, we are always a work in progress, you are always improving!


About the program:

The ‘FIND YOUR FORCE’ Program [FuF]

is a 6 month program (3) 9 and 12 months available too, we can talk about this further)

This privately guided journey is for you if you experience any or more of these:

you have a dream, a plan, a vision.

You are ready to do the work,
but you want to raise your confidence and belief in yourself.

You are a woman who is feeling that there is MORE for you, you feel called.
You ask yourself “is-this-what-life-is-all-about” kind of questions.
You are a woman that feels a change is about to happen for you,
you can almost touch, smell or hear this too,
but you are confused about where to start or how and what best to do next.
You are a woman who understands that you already have everything you need inside of you
and you are seeking a mentor to guide you, a strategy, plan of action, and structure to get you there.
You realize you be better of with support and accountability.
Your days of the “lone wolf” are over
You are a woman who feels ready to find your FIRE, FORCE and feel the ease of FLOW
ready to be inspired, to take on creative guidance and mentoring and get to the next level.
This is a program that you can do alongside other work or a job.
For best and fastest results, you are expected to do work of course.
In this program I share my ideas, inspiration and personal tips and tricks freely with my clients.
By the end of this deep dive mentoring journey with Joyce,
you will be clear about what makes up YOUR Unique Force
You will know how to recognize and deal with limiting beliefs and blocks
the hurdles that have been standing in your way and kept you from moving forward with your plans
and how to get unstuck and leap forward.
You will have a clear plan and a strategy for your business.
What you are going to bring and how you’ll be making a difference in this world !

Fully invested support from me and workbooks, worksheets, templates, guides, tools, tips
and other resources to support you as you create your new life and launch your business.
There will be audio, visual and tactile experiences woven into the mindset and personal growth work.
All there to help you tap into YOUR UNIQUE FORCE and get you ready to start and walk your journey with confidence !
30 minute private laser-coaching calls 3 times a month
with Joyce during the length of the program.
1 Full Hour Private 1:1 Session with Joyce
(plan when you need this, but this needs to be scheduled within the duration of the program)
ongoing support, accountability and empowerment

Frequently asked questions:

Q. What time investment is expected when I sign up?

A.   This is up to you, you can spend half an hour a day on the provided worksheets. But the more you are invested in the program and in yourself, the bigger the results are of course. Treat this as your BIG LEAP forward! Think positive straight away. If you have an idea and you want to make it work, you WILL find time for this! And there are time stretching exercises as well.

Q. I don’t have a clear idea yet can I still join?

A. Yes of course! All the Find your Force programs are very suitable for multi passionate women. I am one myself and understand how difficult it is to choose just one thing and plan it all around that. I We have specific exercises to work through the myriad of ideas that swirl around in your head.  

Q. I am not very creative, can I do the creative parts of this program?

A. YES! All the exercises, program modules and practices are for all levels of “experience” and of course I am there to help you along as well. It will be so much FUN!

Q. You are in New Zealand, are our timezones going to be a problem?

A. Of course not, we can ALWAYS find times that will work for both of us.

Q. Can I ask you something else?

A. Of course! Just reply to this or message me, I will answer as soon as I can.

When you decide to work with me. You receive Bespoke training:
Access to my personal life- and business strategies that I used myself to rise up from uncertain times.

Tricks to become confident and stay focused. Explore possibilities, weave together strengths and create a new future.
The projects, worksheets and exercises I developed and created to break down blocks, get clarity and start a solid plan.
As we work together I encourage you to be open to new ideas. Forget about what has been holding you back all this time, build trust in yourself, look forward and focus on the goal you have set.
After working with me you will be totally clear on what makes you unique and worthy.
You will be confident to launch your own successful business that allows you to be excited each and every day and will provide you with an income so you can feel independent, free and enjoy time yourself and with your loved ones.
You will be confidently looking towards your newly created future (where you feel understanding, connection and trust within yourself. You will no longer feel overwhelmed or stuck. There is a new freedom in this new you)


Best Deal – one payment of only


normally $2,999

decide right NOW and pay within 24 HRS from receiving your email invitation:

(which is a HUGE discount of $613 OFF)


option 2:


  your investment


(with registration fee waiver)

normally $3,350

Pay in full and save $297 (administration fee)


option 3:


need to spread your payments ?

$ 527 monthly

+ $ 297 now

normally $558/mo


When paid monthly your investment is

  • $527 / month    (6 months is $3,162)
  • plus a one off registration fee of $297
Pay Safely through the Secure STRIPE payment gateway 
- investments are in US$ -


After signing up, You will receive an email into your inbox with the general information for the program and suggestions for the days and times we will meet. Remember I am in New Zealand and because of timezone difference, the email will usually arrive within 12 hours.

There is also a preparation sheet that I like you to fill in before that session, so that we can start personalizing your journey together. You want to get the most out of our time together, so make sure to set aside a little time to do this. Looking forward to walking this exciting path with you!

What others say:

I am so glad I worked with Joyce. I certainly found my Force and my purpose. I did have a goal at the start, but never dreamed of getting this far in just 6 months. It exceeded my expectations! I learned much more about myself  and many helpful tools for my business.  Highly recommend Joyce’s programs and look forward to working with her again.” – Iris B.


“My progress has been Wonderful. Within the first months I found both clarity in my direction and actually got in the mindset of ‘I’m really going to do this’. The material exceeded my expectations. I love the online homework and the face-to-face sessions. Soooo good to have a coach to keep me on track. I have grown much more than I had thought possible. ”


My Most Marvelous Coach!!!
I have grown so much. Feeling much better balanced and much more centered AND I’m happier and more at peace! Gratitude and praise. And BONUS! I’m officially more healthy than I was a year ago. Great big yay!
I’m loving what I am learning! Thank you thank you!!! – Bonnie S


I highly recommend Joyce to anyone that  is looking for a life coach and is interested in art . Joyce has guided me and shown me tools to get where I am today. Joyce is brilliant and I couldn’t speak highly enough of her.
– Selina P.


Working with Joyce has been an absolute joy.
I had no idea how much fun it would be and I am so glad I took the plunge and signed up. Over a year later now, can’t do without my regular fix.  – Bronwyn F.


Highly recommend working with Joyce. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I knew I needed a helping hand and to commit to making a change.   The range of ‘tools’ that you can choose to take on, Joyce’s patience and discussing with her each week how things were progressing were highlights for me. Taking part in this certainly made me commit the time to spend on myself, which has helped with how I ‘am’ to everyone else, reconsider and see things in a way I wouldn’t have before.   Yes, exceeded what I thought I would accomplish in the time and would love to work with Joyce again.  – Emma C.




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