Managing Mindset is an essential part of caring for yourself

Here is a  multi-layered – creative – SELF CARE  project for you

to help with self doubt and self acceptance

I always like to weave experiences together, so that all of you will be involved in the process.

The invitation is to listen to this meditation while working on and coloring your Mandala for a deeper experience

Namaste – Enjoy – Be well

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      and instructions

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You can ALWAYS hop on a call with me and talk about how we can work together. The Find your Force programs are all bespoke, taylor-made and personal. Because we are all unique individual and the time for one-size-fits-all has passed.


(a small booking fee is applied, so that you will honor your own time as well as mine and will help you show up and follow through with your plan, I look forward to talking with you!)