What I love to do is create and share with other people how I use art an creativity with the deeper mindset work of facing fear, breaking blocks and moving mountains.
I do this in person in my local studio and now also offer these creative get-togethers, explorations and adventures for you on-line.
This is an invitation for you to come hang out, get inspired and co-create.  You want to join?
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>> at the moment I am working on exciting offereings that have come as a result of the last free summit and this requires priority and attention, I am sure you understand <<


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What is an Open Studio and how does it work?

My Studio is a place where we get together and spend our time sharing techniques, projects and experiences. Set aside about an hour/ hour and a half.  Bring a drink and your notebook and/or art supplies.

I will let you know in advance what project I will be sharing or teaching.

You can decide to bring your supplies to play along, or perhaps you just want to watch, listen and chill.

We can discuss things that have come up on our path and I will share how I deal with these kind of things through the process of art and creativity.

You only need to sign up ONCE below. Then you'll receive automatic reminders and other goodies.

— When I decide to share a specific project with specific material requirements, you will get all the details in time to get prepared —

Here are some basic supplies suggested for the Open Studio sessions:

  • Paper – any size
  • Art journal or sketchbook
  • Anything else you can use
    • Pencils, Pens and Markers (the kid's felt-tips work too)
    • Paint, acrylics, gouache, watercolor
    • Brushes for the paint (fingerpainting is okay too)
    • Colored Pencils, Watercolor pencils
    • Soft Pastels
    • Oil Pastels
    • Stencils and Stamps
    • Collage papers, music scores, old texts.
    • some glue, tape, washi tapes ….you get it, the sky is the limit and you make it work with what you have

Ooooh, sounds like FUN !!!  – Cannot wait to see you there!

so…make sure to sign up, so that you get the reminders and details on how to join.

(If you already signed up for the open studio sessions previously, then you're on the list and everything will arrive for you like magic)

- a small entry fee of $8 may be asked to join these sessions -