Mandala Poster: “The world will be saved by the Western Woman”
This famous quote of the Dalai Lama is woven into this freehand watercolor Mandala

It is available for you in these sizes: 10×10 / 12×12 / 14×14 / 16×16 and 18×18 inch

Use them as a wall-hanging or incorporate into your own creative projects. Think outside the box!

The prints are matte, museum-quality posters and are printed on durable, archival paper.

The word “Mandala” itself means “circle” and, often, that’s what a mandala looks like.

Circles have a very evocative meaning in Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions. Mandalas showed in Indian and Himalayan religious traditions as artistic ways of representing the spiritual universe. Did you know that modern Mandalas like the ones that you can find in coloring books and contemporary artwork are used as means to reduce stress? To connect deeply with yourself and appreciate the beauty in the world.

I truly love creating my own Mandalas with quotes or meanings. Images and colors that make a story for me at that particular time. They provide connection with deeper layers of my being, often unconscious. It is a meditative process when I create and I am grateful to be able to share a little touch of that with the wider world,


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