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the first virtual – Open Studio

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This weekend I hosted my first virtual Open Studio, and ……. A Bear appeared in the conversation, on the journal page and started wandering in my mind. The bear spirit animal has been worshipped throughout time because of its raw power and strength. Serving as an inspiration for big and small animals to be brave […]


Focus on Mind, Heart and All

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What’s this urge to connect Mind and Heart and Soul and All of me, Why does this  happen? Lately I have been focused on understanding this better. I like to reflect and take time to ask myself things. To find answers, connections, fitting the puzzle of “self” together. I have developed some personal ways to […]

dreams visions and plans


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GoMoJo is the quick and easy name for the 2018 Goal Journal Journey I have started 2 days ago at the very start of this FABULOUS New Year! And I am inviting you to join me on my journey! I will share my progress, my weekly prompts etc. etc. with you for free. I just […]



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“Focus” and “Independence” are my 2 words for 2018. The New Year is starting to show on my horizon, so I am tying up loose ends and preparing my business, schedules and calendar for the exciting blank canvas 2018 is spreading out in front of me. They tell me and I am quite comfortable being […]