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Free training this weekend

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Thought to let you know, I am planning another training this weekend. all about how to move forward, how to maintain all the positives of the qualities you have AND learning to bring things to a successful end-goal. It is about going from feeling Frazzled to Finding your Flow. Flow is the ease with which […]

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Inspiration and Determination

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Halfway down this Love-Month of February, right on Valentine’s Day….. ….. is my Birthday. Growing up in Holland it was never much of anything. Valentine’s was not yet celebrated there then. It was “just” my Birthday and the calendars mentioned something called Valentine’s. I only started to understand what it meant to so many when […]


you can do it, every time!

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How many times I read stories and hear women say to me during sessions that they “cannot do it” or they were told by others that they “cannot do it” Yet…….. We look up to those that defy those words, that throw those words in the wind and DO IT ANYWAY! Now why is this? […]