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Finding the right Mindset and visibility are just a few of the challenges of entrepreneurship.

and like everybody else, I experience the same obstacles. The way to face them for me is doing things that I always tried to avoid (eek!)

With these Vlogs I challenge myself, share my thoughts and at the same time I like to inspire you to Find your Force and ignite your own courageous steps onto the journey to your success.

I love to ponder and talk about different topics and if you ever have something you like me to do an episode about, just send me a quick message on joyce [at] thefiercefemaleforce [dot] com

View the different episodes of the show by clicking on the images below. The topics are Mindset secrets, tips, tricks and other fun Business stuff that comes across my own path. Findings of things I believe to be handy and useful for fellow multi-passionate women in business.

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Episode #7 - the Golden Age - on mentorship
Episode #6 - How to feel Flawsome
vlog Elevate
Episode #5 - Elevate the Ego?
the Find your Force Vlog - Determination
Episode #4 - are you Determined like ..... ?
Episode #3 - what makes us like challenges?
Episode #2 - can you train to be brave?
Find your Force Show - Antipodes
Episode #1 - introducing the opposites
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