The FOCUS FRAMEWORK for Creative Changemakers  –  Confident + Curious ways to succeed without feeling overwhelmed

2020-01-28 Focus1

Learn to FOCUS  and Find YOUR WAY

so you’ll never need someone else to teach you THEIR way ever again


to this 5 step FOCUS FRAMEWORK

and start fresh habits without overwhelm, stress or frustration

  • Feel like you’re spinning too many plates at once?
  • Distracted by all those shiny other things?
  • Struggling to finish that 1st project first?

Time for a Fresh Focus Framework!

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“I am so glad I worked with Joyce. I certainly found my Force and my purpose. I did have a goal at the start, but never dreamed of getting this far. It exceeded my expectations! I learned much more about myself. Highly recommend Joyce’s programs and look forward to working with her again.” – Iris

“My Most Marvelous Coach!!! I have grown so much, more than I had hoped for. Feeling much better balanced and much more centered AND I’m happier and more at peace! Gratitude and praise! I’m also officially healthier than before .. great big yay!  I’m loving what I am learning! Thank you thank you!!!”  – Bonnie

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“Working with Joyce has been an absolute joy.
I had no idea how much fun it would be and I am so glad I took the plunge and signed up.” Bronwyn

“My progress has been Wonderful. I found both clarity in my direction and actually got in the mindset of ‘I’m really going to do this’.
This program was great. Soooo good to have a coach to keep me on track. I have grown much more than I had thought possible ” –

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“Joyce has been so helpful in realizing one of my dreams. I have pushed through the fear and opened a little studio!
Thank you for your help and guidance!”